Huevos con Chile or Mexican Scramble

Huevos con Chile or Mexican Scramble  ...more

Beef Fajita Salad

Beef fajita salad at The Gourmet Mom:

Tri-Color Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito-in-a-Bowl

Ahhhh.We finally got home yesterday after a long weekend in Indiana celebrating our 3rd Christmas with Ryan's extended family....more

Carne Asada Omelets

Got Leftovers? Turn your excess ingredients from yesterday into Carne Asada Omelets, now up on my blog at

Probably the Best Vegan Mexican Food in West Texas

Recently, as a part of the enormous around the world trip of enormity, I found myself in Texas, looking for a meal.Actually, to be fair, I wasn't looking for a meal, I was looking for a wallet, and Mr had taken me on a little detour from our destination (Odessa) to a company he loves called SpecOps in Monahans, Texas.SpecOps make wallets, belts, buckles, bags and other stuff. Their stuff is made in the USA and is leather-free. Vegan by accident is vegan enough for me....more

Cuernavacan Sangria

Our travels throughout Mexico have inspired much of our cooking. Of particular influence is the time David lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico. While there, David honed his skills for preparing Mexican cuisine. Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring, is also where he acquired a taste for sangria (as well as Tequila)....more
@victorias_view And we've certainly had enough hot days this summer, haven't we? I hope you enjoy!more

Breakfast Burritos for a Crowd

Several years ago I would occasionally make breakfast burritos for the group of people that I supervised and serve them at our Wednesday morning meeting. My group members loved them, but as my group grew to 30 plus people I phased them out. Over the years a few of my group members would remind me how much they loved the breakfast burritos and they would sure like to have them again.  I supervise a new smaller group again and decided to surprise them with the burritos last Friday morning. This new group loves to eat, so they were thrilled to get them....more

Mexican Rice Bowl from Two Peas and Their Pod

If it's starting to get hot where you live, this Mexican Rice Bowl from Two Peas and Their Pod might be a perfect easy dinner. What makes this recipe special is that it starts out with Cilantro Lime Rice, and then Maria used the leftover rice to create this dish with black beans, tomato, avocado, red onions, and more cilantro added to the mix. Of course I'm a bit of a cilantro freak, so I'd love this for dinner! ...more

The only think better than yummy food is yummy food I don't have to make!

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Marinated Chicken with Pickled Red Onions

  Sunday Dinner, May 22, 2011with recipes.......more