How to Write (Better): Do You Need a MFA?

Anyone who writes regularly –- whether it’s honing a novel in the small hours of the morning or blogging up a storm or crafting a line of poetry -– has probably considered the following question: Should I get a MFA? After all, it’s hard not to notice the proliferation of programs and the increasing number of people who have MFAs. But a MFA is a big commitment. All that time and money -– what’s the return? Is it really worth it? And how do you know if it’s the right move for you? I have helped many clients and students answer these questions, and I can tell you the four factors I consider before I give my advice. ...more

Living in the middle of nowhere makes it next to impossible to even consider. Thanks for the ...more

The greener grass

When we compare notes at the end of a long week, I can'thelp but wonder which one of us is worse/better off. Would I rather be too busyin a job that more closely resembles the career I envision for myself, or notbusy enough in a job that allows me the time to write (if only I could motivatemyself)? Which type of job would better serve my (our) writing? ...more

Is this it?

Though the reasons for my foray back into cubicle land were obvious -- food, rent, health insurance -- this time my reasons for disliking it were different. I likened myself to Francesca in The Bridges of Madison County (two months in a cubicle and already my literary allusions were slipping). ...more