Woody Allen's Bullshit Pity-Party

The thing about being a survivor is it becomes exhausting to have to think/talk about it, especially if you have a better, happier life to think about now. Nevertheless, Woody Allen’s “rebuttal” of Dylan Farrow’s accusation was so vile, so reeking of self-absorbed narcissism, so full of his palpable bitchery, and so clearly the rambling self-pity of a child molester that I HAVE to respond. My rage won’t let me do anything else. ...more
All I can say is... AMEN.more

Woody and Mia and the Murky Morality of Art vs. Life

The recent Golden Globes tribute to Woody Allen opened up, once again, a firestorm of criticism. Not of Woody the artist, the filmmaker, but Woody the man. The guy who had a relationship with his longtime girlfriend's adopted daughter. It's still a messy, unpleasant situation for a lot of people. Is it possible to look at Woody's films and career without always dredging up the Mia/Woody/Soon Yi debacle?...more

Can You Know About Woody Allen's Scandals and Still Enjoy His Films?

Vanity Fair recently published a tease to the upcoming issue of the magazine that will feature an updated full-length article on Mia Farrow's family and the truth about their experiences with film director Woody Allen.  A small portion of the story is published online. Whether you're a fan of the director's or not,  you've most likely familar with the scandals related to child abuse allegations and his marriage to Farrow's daughter that have followed him for decades....more
theculturemom Thx for sharing. Allen's work is clearly more to you than it's ever been to me, so ...more

Notes From A Scandal

I was living in New York in 1992 when the Woody Allen/Mia Farrow scandal hit. Allegations of sexual abuse were hurled at Woody from Mia's West Side camp across Central Park and the reverberations played out across the endless 72 and larger-point headlines of the New York Post and  Daily News. And also at the movies....more