"Dexter" Returns with Tragedy and Killer Ratings (Spoilers)

In Sunday's highly anticipated fifth season premiere of Dexter, which garnered big ratings for Showtime, we got to see the aftermath of the Trinity Killer's handiwork from last season's shocking finale. ...more

A Word From "Dexter"

My name is Dexter Morgan and I'm a serial killer.  Megan's allowing me to write her post this week because I make her uncomfortable.  She had mixed feelings about writing about me, because she finally saw my show and liked it.  You see, Megan finally broke down, cheapskate that she is and got Showtime. So she's gotten to know me very well in anticipation of my CBS network debut.  While she's fascinated by me, and that other guy, Michael C. Hall, she's terribly embarrassed by her attraction to me.  She really shouldn't be.  We are what we are. I'm a forensic blood spatter specialist for the Miami Police Department.  My job is to help catch killers.  But since I was a young boy, I've had those urges myself.  The only time I ever feel anything is when I kill.  I've developed good techniques for appearing normal to everyone around me, but make no mistake about it, I feel nothing.  Except of course when I can add another slide to my blood collection. ...more

I just read another blog and it mentioned getting "Bloggers Butt"... I will force myself to go ...more