A Trip To San Francisco Just Isn't Complete Without A Visit To Wine Country...

 Our last full day in California found us in Napa Valley.  OK...I LOVE Napa for many different reasons.  But one simply cannot visit Napa without at least going to one vineyard. ...more

(VIDEO) Michael Chiarello Talks About His Current Projects

Food Network Star Michael Chiarello spent 2.5 Minutes With genConnect at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. He talked about his restaurant, Bottega, NapaStyle, and the benefits of organic wine. ...more
I love Chef Chiarello's cooking style. My husband and I have been following him for many years. ...more

Mexican Food Masters Top Chef

The King of Mexican Cuisine, Rick Bayless, won last night’s Top Chef Masters  finale. But the real winner last night was Mexican food. As one of the dinner guests put it, more credit needs to be given to Mexican cuisine. Gracias! ...more