MICHAEL Michael Kors Sneakers.

I've been on a bit of a ...more

Five Favorites

Happy Friday! Below, I’ve listed some things I’m currently obsessing over.Well.. maybe not currently.I may or may not have always been obsessed with these things…...more

Death of a Salesgirl

Based on my need for an income and a knack for perfect timing, I decided to get into the real estate game.  ME!  A new divorcee with a  real estate license, wearing beige Micheal Kors suits, Tori Burch heels, and carrying a black leather Chanel bag with my many important files.  I envision myself driving rich couples around to waterfront mansions, and magnificent Florida estates on famous golf courses....more

Fabulous Finds Friday #11

Happy Friday everyone!!  I'm on my way to NYC, yep you read correct, NYC!!!  So excited I can't stand it.  I'm going with a good friend from Houston, Amanda.  We haven't seen each other in over a year.  Crazy!!  We are both going to Kravet's BlogFest 2012 next week and thought lets make a weekend girl's trip before hand.  We had been talking about taking a trip to New York together, and this was perfect timing.  Our girls weekend will be focused on food and shopping, 2 of my favorite things!!...more

J.Crew Tortoise shell Necklace

Well hello my BlogHer ladies!I hope your weekend is going just as well as mine (I work on the weekends, so today is actually my "Wednesday" but I can definitely still feel the energy of the weekends because I work with the public!)Ignore that tanget above lol I just wanted to let ya'll know my post is up tonight on my blog and is all about this pretty J.Crew necklace I acquired earlier this winter that I really want to share with you....more

Fashionable Friday #3

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope everyone's week was wonderful; mine was pretty fantastic.  I attended a blog conference out in L.A., got to hang out with my cousin for a bit, and today is my birthday!! Happy birthday to me!  Last night my good friend Angela took me out to dinner to celebrate my  birthday; dinner was delicious and my company was spectacular.  Love you Angela!!  And thank you for a fabulous dinner. Here's to some fabulous fashion!...more
I love Anthropolgie - it one of my favorite stores to wander in and admire all of the pretty ...more

War and Fashion

“…the charming full skirts falling to just below the knee did suggest a decorous army wife in olden times…” I think the person at Style.com that commented on the Burberry Spring Summer 2012 doesn’t have a clue of an idea what it’s like to be an army wife. If someone you love is at the battlefield, you couldn’t possibly care about being ‘decorous’. ...more
And thanks for putting me on Blogher. I think I by now have had more people reading this ...more

Shopping Miracle: Bargain DVF Dress

Even though the Rapture didn't happen this weekend, I did encounter a shopping miracle. On our way back from Atlanta, my mom and I stopped at Tuesday Morning in Dalton, Ga. I love Tuesday Morning because the inventory is so random. You never know what you'll find in there....more

Project Runway recap: The WTFinale

You may notice this recap is late in coming. You may notice it's not going to be the usual blow-by-blow, moment-by-moment, outfit-by-outfit recap that I usually try to write. You may notice I have trouble saying anything at all about this year's season finale. Image courtesy Lifetime And all of that is because I still cannot wrap my head around the outcome. And I know I'm not alone. ...more

And yes, I always prefer the nice designers to the dramatic ones :)

Elisa Camahort ...more

Fashion Week - Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, and Trends for Fall '09

Alternate title: OMG I WENT TO FASHION WEEK!  I was thrilled and honored when BlogHer contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I'd be willing to cover (and attend!) Fall 2009 Fashion Week. (Honestly, I don't really know if they would have extended the offer, had they known that I thought "Versace" rhymed with "her lace" until well into my teen years, but fortunately, I like to think I've made up for lost time in terms of my fashion knowledge.) Naturally, I said yes immediately, and commenced my Dance of Joy. ...more

I swear, if I still had my old Purple Rain t-shirt I would wear it all the ...more