i was thieved! AKA your day HAS to be going better than mine!

so.. here it is...on wednesday morning around 11:30....i was thieved. i have been told i can't call it robbed, because (apparently) that implies i was witness to the crime..or something......but either way. someone. stole. my  purse. I WAS THIEVED!here's the story (insert the 'law and order' sound here.):...more

Michael Kors Giveaway!

So, do you remember this post, where I professed my love for the Michael Kors Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch?  This pretty little stunner right here?...more

Tote = Friendship

I was in San Francisco this past weekend, and while my friends were busy doing something boring, I was busy doing something fun – getting to know my new friend. ...more