American Olympic Team IS "The Redeem Team" for Team Bush

The millions watching as the American male swimmers realized they'd won the Olympics gold in the relay race will never forget their reactions. Full-blown amazement gave way to uncontained ecstasy as they processed the unexpected and hard won triumph. Seconds before the first swimmer hit the water, the TV announcer had been saying that he'd done the math every which way and it always came up with the French taking this event. But these guys made the impossible a reality. ...more

NBC's Beijing Olympics Coverage: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

We're halfway through the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics so it's time to rate NBC's coverage.  First a caveat, I haven't seen every single hour of the coverage, but really, who has?  My opinion based on the many hours I have watched?  For once, I'll give them a thumb that's almost pointing up.  Some thoughts: ...more

But it's really much more exciting when it is live.  And though ping pong and badminton are ...more

Olympic Moms, Time Zone Imparity, and Golf Shirt Loses Gold Medal: More Random Thoughts

 I have not added my voice to the easy whining about the Live vs. Taped Delayed NBC Olympic coverage because why bother? First of all, people, they've been doing this for years so your either on board or your not, but it's a little late to object now. And secondly, that madhouse they are calling has everything you need to know and everything you need to watch live if you can figure out how to navigate the site. You want Live, go get yourself some Live. But for those us on the West Coast, we are used to ...more

Olympic Insomnia


Random Thoughts on the Olympics #5 by Lian Dolan

Phew. Did the triple dip again today: up late watching swimming, up early to watch the Tivo'ed gymnastics, then hung in for the Today Show. Is this what Michael Phelps feels like? I have to go warm down. ...more