Super-Sized Nanny State Reaches Big Gulp Proportions

Happy National Donut Day.That was the message from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg just a day after he announced his proposal to ban large fountain drinks because they're bad for you.Even Today show host Matt Lauer scoffed at the hypocrisy: "It sounds ridiculous."Bloomberg countered that "one donut is not going to hurt you."So, the beverage lobby's bad? The donut lobby's good? Got it....more
I enjoyed your article.  I am a NY'er and am annoyed by this need to legislate my soda ...more

Be A Better Blogger: What's Going On In the "Mosque at Ground Zero" Controversy

In case you have been on vacation from cable television and twitter for the last month or so, the summer's domestic political headlines have been dominated by a dispute over a proposed Islamic community center near the site of the World Trade Center attacks that has come to be known, variously, as Park 51, Cordoba House and, most popularly, the "Ground Zero Mosque." A Muslim organization has proposed building a 13-15 story community center on the site of a building that was damaged by debris fro...more

Ah the tyranny of Googlejuice! I confess to throwing the term into the meta-tags in a kind of ...more