The Fall From Perfection and Other Lessons in Raising Teenagers

I’m off the pedestal. Way off. I used to be revered. Constant hugs. Daily avowals of my wonderfulness. Long ago I even used to complain about the number of times my children would say “Mommy” during any given hour. (I once counted over 100 “mommys” before I stopped counting.) Now, I am the butt of jokes. The central character in the “remember when she...” stories, the ones usually filled with ridicule and generalized scorn. It’s gotten so bad that my children have even started calling me by my first name. ...more

I read your blog with amusement and pleasure. I'm not sure what affirmation you need from anyone ...more

Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death: Honoring the King of Pop and His Kids

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but Michael Jackson died. Unless you’ve been hanging out on Mars or buried deep within the earth’s core since late June of 2009, where you couldn’t be reached by the televised tributes and commemorative movies and continuous radio airplay of “Beat It”, you’re well aware that today is the one-year anniversary of Jackson’s death. Despite his unexpected passing, the last year has been very much alive with MJ stories, covering everything from Michael memorabilia to where the three Jackson juniors are now. ...more

When Elvis died in the 1970s he was not on top but rather his career was not doing well. ...more