Michele Bachmann and Me: Do We Have a Future?

I've been having difficulty falling asleep for the last few nights. I'll tell you who is to blame -- Michele. That's right, Michele Bachmann has abandoned her quest for the GOP presidential nomination and she has left me high and dry. Really. I've got nothing to tweet. Instead I toss and turn in my Little House on the Prairie bed and go over and over it in my mind....more
@Allison Cook Yo! Allison! Thanks for asking. Oh it is so-o-o-o good. We also get grass fed ...more

The Page Views Ate My Homework

As bloggers, we link back a lot more than traditional media outlets, enabling readers to read the original sources for themselves, but we don't enjoy the same access to fact checkers and sources that conventional newsrooms do. For bloggers who write for a living, there is the added pressure to churn out "clicky" content fast -- two things that conspire against good, reliable writing. ...more
@tyskkvinna , it's starting to become a really serious problem. I'm happy to hear there are ...more

California Gov. Jerry Brown OKs Bill Allowing Minors to Seek STI Prevention

The heated debate over parents' rights got even hotter this weekend when California governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill allowing children as young as 12 to get vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases without parental consent. ...more
As the mother of daughters, this is so upsetting. What 13 year old truly understands what "side ...more

Michele Bachmann took another leap over the boundaries of reality on Sunday

Lea Grover writes: "Michele Bachmann took another leap over the boundaries of reality on Sunday" when Bachmann suggested that the recent earthquake and hurricane that hit Washington D.C. were messages from God. Read the whole post here: Michele Bachmann, President or Prophet?Maybe it should be 'President or Prophet or just plain stupid? What do you think?...more

Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Photo: Sexist or Not?

Let's give you the basics to get the debate going -- because it is both evergreen and ever-important, especially for women who seek political office (or any visible position of leadership). Here's Newsweek's cover featuring Michele Bachmann this week:...more
Politics are so unfair to women. Sexism at its worst because only women suffer these acts. Its ...more

Against Michele Bachmann and Her Marriage Vow Pledge

Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum became the first presidential candidates to sign "The Marriage Vow" written by a conservative Christian group. Even though the group has revised the vow to remove language that suggested black families were better off during slavery, the aim of the group is to protect monogamous Christian marriage as the only acceptable relationship, abolish the porn industry, deny the existence of homosexuality and generally regulate the personal lives of US Citizens....more
 @szeremy  it REALLY would be refreshing if the right would be able to take the blame they own ...more

Michele Bachmann: Presidential Candidate

“She had a reputation for being sharp” so says one who knows. He is Rich Gradel a student one year ahead of her. Who is he talking about? No, not Hillary, but Michele Bachmann. The article by Politico, reposted by Huffington Post quoted him and other  fellow students as saying she was the most studious student in her class. ...more

Right View of Republican Debate: Bachmann And Romney Make Big Impressions

It was like watching every expectation I had for her (and every pre-written joke about her Palin-like accent) just melt away in front of my eyes. The comedian was speechless. She was even more speechless when she noticed that Michele seemed not only genuinely qualified to be in the race, but downright giddy with excitement about it. I've never met a happy politician. Maybe that's what we've been missing all along....more

is how Romney describes giving federal aid to disaster stricken communities.

Have we really ...more

New Hampshire Republican Debate as Seen From the Left: Bachmann Wins

From the moment U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (R, MN- 6) began to speak at the first New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary debate last night, the game to beat her was on. She immediately used her time to grab earned media through her announcement, on the air, that she was about to file the paperwork to run for U.S. president. Bachmann is the first female to do so since Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic nod in 2007-2008....more

I hear you, I promise - I really really do. But it's totally up to us to be sure that for all ...more

(Live-Blog Event) Republican Primary Debate in New Hampshire

To some, this season is the end of school, start of summer season. But to me? It's the start of live-blogging season as CNN hosts tonight's Republican presidential primary debate. ...more