Mini Banana Nut Breads {Gluten Free}

Banana bread is a comfort food, that for many people evoke some type of memory. For me, as soon as I smell it, I think of my great grandmother. She always made an amazing loaf, and I highly doubt any of us have recipe, because it was likely done from memory....more

The Kayaking Dog

There are many places I get nervous taking Toby, because I'm afraid he is going to act up, start barking or get nervous, but when it comes to kayaking, I don't even think twice....more

Pepe Giallo - New York City Restaurant Review

A cute, small restaurant in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, Pepe Giallo offers tasty Italian food at an affordable price. We took a chance on this place because it was near the closing party of BlogWorld and News Media Expo last week. ...more

Porreca's Restaurant - Lake George Restaurant Review

Let's just cut to the chase here -- Porecca's Restaurant is one of the best restaurants I've dined at in Lake George, and easily ties my previous favorite eggplant rotolini of all time. The food and the service were excellent and the atmosphere was very welcoming. ...more

This Vegetarian Can Still Cook Meat

Growing up in a family where my mom's side was Italian meant not only learning to make sauce, but how to make sausage and meatballs to go into said sauce. When I became a vegetarian, the ball game changed a little -- I haven't made meatballs from scratch in at least 15 years, and sausage for sauce in about 10. Until Father's Day. I couldn't (read didn't have time to) make the meatballs from scratch, I did get some pre-made ones to add to my homemade sauce. I also decided to make the sausage the way my mom used to and add it to the sauce as well. ...more

Rescue Plants

[Editor's note: There are soft-hearted folks in the world who rescue baby birds, cats in trees, lost children and even abandoned chocolate. Michelle, however, is all about the plants. I love using seeds and blooms as metaphors in life, but she takes it even further. She brings wilting branches back to life and shares her inspiring details. Next time I pass by the clearance shelf at the garden shop, I plan to rescue a plant in Michelle's honor. - Kathy]...more

Michele, you have a friend when it comes to rescuing plants. I, too, have a need to rescue a ...more

Pet Parents Targeted For Mother's Day

If you think "pet parents" is a term just thrown around by pet bloggers, or industry marketing teams, it might be time to take a step back back. One smart upstate New York florist and garden center placed this out-of-the box Mother's Day ad, which is clearly targeting pet parents, in a local newspaper. ...more

I recently blogged about being childfree and having a mom who passed away last year. With all of ...more

Spinach Pizza with Tomatoes & Garlic

This spinach pizza is a perfect example of the creations I love to share with freinds and readers, because you can use your favorite pizza crust, and add as much veggies and ricotta as you want. Known as a "white pizza," a ricotta-based pie doesn't have red sauce and is a nice breakaway from traditional pies. It's also one of my absolute favorites! You can make this gluten free by just using a gluten free crust.  ...more

Buttered Brussels Sprouts

I might have been the only kid who actually enjoyed eating brussels sprouts. My parents always made them this way, making the unfavorable veggie a favorite of mine. Cooking them like this makes them soft, mushy and flavorful. You can cut them in half with a fork and pair them with almost any fish, chicken or meat dish, like my broiled sea scallops. ...more

I love brussel sprouts and haven't had any in months! I think I need to add them to my easter ...more

Cashew Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)

These Cashew Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies will be devoured by everyone. No one I served them to even knew they were gluten free. It was similar to when I made all gluten-free cookies for Christmas and no one realized they weren't, (gasp) "regular" cookies. ...more