From the Oscars to Fallon, Michelle Obama is Everywhere... And That's Just Fine!

Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to the Oscars Sunday night, reading the winner for Best Picture live via satellite from the White House. Surrounded by White House military social aides, Obama was glamorous as usual, sporting a Naeem Khan stunner as she read out the Best Picture winner, Argo. But before you could say, “And the winner is…” the critics were off....more
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My Adoration for the Obamas is Bigger than Politics

 By: Ruby Veridiano Call me naively optimistic, but my adoration for the Obamas is less about the Obamas themselves as much as it is about my persistent belief in hope, and what can be accomplished when a nation is inspired to behave like a community....more

Yvette Marquez Chats With The First Lady, Michelle Obama + More!

Yvette Marquez (featured below), blogger at Muy Bueno Cookbook was part of a live chat with Michelle Obama via Mamiverse Latina Moms. ...more
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WATCH: Michelle Obama Chats with Latina Moms

In a exclusive, First Lady Michelle Obama sat down to chat with six Latina moms to discuss their lives and the key issues impacting Hispanic families across the nation. Our roundtable was moderated by CNN analyst and Mamiverse contributing political editor, Maria Cardona.Click here to watch the chat with the First Lady or visit
Of all the different weapons that are in use today, and of all the different weapons that have ...more

Florida Republicans Try to Block First Lady From School

There is just no way this would happen to Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton. First Lady Michelle Obama is not welcome at a local high school in Miami by its Republican school board members. The campaign stop went on as planned at Barbara Goleman Senior High in Miami Lakes despite criticism from local GOP members. The Miami Herald reports:...more
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First Lady Michelle Obama Joins Pinterest (Help Her Pick Some Good Pinboards)

Oh FLOTUS, what took you so long to join Pinterest?  The social media site is right up your alley.  Think of all the gardening tips you can find and post.  The delicious recipes accompanied by mouth-watering photographs that you can use on all those vegetables coming out of the White House garden.  And as the Queen of Style, you can pick up so many dress ideas from other fashionistas. Yes, the First Lady Michelle Obama has come today to Pinterest. ...more
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Michelle O you are no Jackie O! So says Irish reporter

 Michelle Obama is often compared to Jackie O in her dress style and elegance. This concept is not contained within our shores. Amy Andrews, reporter for Irish Central commented on this as a result of Michelle’s recent trip to Target in casual clothing. It was allegedly a secret trip, however there just happened to be an AAP reporter there to record it for international posterity....more
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The USDA and Michelle Obama Unveil "My Plate."

One of the issues that First Lady Michelle Obama has been working on is childhood obesity. She started out with her garden project and she  has been working on getting food manufacturers to make accurate and readable labels on foods. Now, she has been working on the concept of “My Plate” with the USDA. It is a more user friendly approach to understanding the food pyramid....more

Somebody’s Playing My Trump Card

(To see the notorious oil painting of Donald Trump, click on my blog "A Rolling Crone" below) Two weeks ago, when I was invited to Mar-a-Lago, the former Trump home, now a super-expensive private club, I couldn’t resist photographing the portrait above of Donald Trump—a dramatically glamorized vision of The Donald that gives us a glimpse of how he sees himself. The next day, April 4, I included the photo of the Trump oil painting in a blog post I wrote called “Lunch at Mar-a-Lago with The Donald.” ...more

Michelle Obama Could Learn Something from 1970s PSA Commercials

It isn't a secret that Michelle Obama is on the front lines in the war on childhood obesity. She has no problems making her own daughters pawns in that war as she talks about their BMIs and how concerned she was to see those number creeping up. This war on childhood obesity has been on my mind a lot lately. I think it sucks. But I also know that things didn't suddenly start sucking for fat kids with the current US administration....more