Humanizing Mothers

Video is such an important component of what makes MyWorkButterfly truly comprehensive. It not only allows us to differentiate ourselves in the crowded "mom" space, it brings to life the personal stories and journeys of so many women. The videos help to humanize celebrity mothers and peers, further engage you in the online experience and to prove our deep commitment to providing inspiration and mentorship. ...more

Are Michelle Obama and Corporations on the Same Page for Working Families?

We don't need any more studies, discussions or navel-gazing about whether things need to change for working parents, especially working moms, when it comes to sick leave, flex-time or child care. Parents are struggling to manage family obligations and keep their employers happy. But corporate America still seems to think that whether and how to provide options for families need more examination. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that First Lady Michelle Obama won't let them get away with it. ...more

You are right on this point. Many moms I know extoll the virtues of being able to leave work ...more

How to Get the Best Arms Ever!

Two kids, a busy schedule and, yes, Michelle Obama is still buff. Inspired? So were we. Here's how to get toned up. ...more

Are You More Interested In Michelle Obama's Fashion or Her Works?

What's more important -- whether FLOTUS Michelle Obama spends time with Congressional wives at a food bank to help feed the homeless or that she decided to break out her designer sneaks for the occasion? ...more

.. I just wish that wasn't the focus of the media coverage. Maybe if the media spent less time ...more

Michelle Obama's first 100 days

Michelle Obama has swept the world stage with her energy, beauty and dynamism. She's athletic, smart, fit and serves as the great role model for mothers and wives around the world. Married to a super-successful and talented husband, she is coming into her own at her speaking engagements and making sure her policy initiatives are top of mind with key members of the legislature. She is growing veggies in the garden, allowing her children to have the puppy they so desired and still manages to have date nights with her husband.   ...more

Are You on The List?

I was reading an article about Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama and there was a line that just got me.  When Oprah asked her about getting up at 4:30am (YES, AM!!!!) to workout she said  “Well, I just started thinking, if I had to get up to go to work, I'd get up and go to work. ...more

As the Tail Wags: Obama Family's PWD Puppy at White House

At long last comes the Obama puppy! He's 6 months old and his name is Bo. The name may pose a problem for some bloggers and some Obama opponents who insist on calling President Barack Obama "Bo," but isn't the little doggie cute? And yet, Houston, we have a problem. ...more

But online all I can find are clips with Theo, none with Vanessa asking about the dog. ...more

Michelle Obama's School Visit

The first lady Michelle Obama had a lot of focus on her while her husband  President Obama attended the G20 summit. A friend of mine who lives in England and I were talking about the coverage of her visit. She sent me a link to an article that spoke about a visit Michelle Obama made to Islington's Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College. ...more

She doesn't get paid?


Are We Closer to "Family Friendly?"

As the Obamas were campaigning for the White House, they were clear about their intent to make our country more "family friendly." Michelle Obama in particular was open about the fact that she would make advocating for families one of her main projects if she became First Lady. ...more

There was a movement at one time to go to year round school, and I know some school districts ...more