Michelle Obama's School Visit

The first lady Michelle Obama had a lot of focus on her while her husband  President Obama attended the G20 summit. A friend of mine who lives in England and I were talking about the coverage of her visit. She sent me a link to an article that spoke about a visit Michelle Obama made to Islington's Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College. http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/apr/05/michelle-obama-school-london ...more

Are We Closer to "Family Friendly?"

As the Obamas were campaigning for the White House, they were clear about their intent to make our country more "family friendly." Michelle Obama in particular was open about the fact that she would make advocating for families one of her main projects if she became First Lady. ...more

There was a movement at one time to go to year round school, and I know some school districts ...more

If You Wonder What Michelle Obama Is Wearing Today...

Do I wake up wondering what Michelle Obama will be wearing today? ...more

Momma Don't Play That

If you rush on over to Huff Post, you can probably still vote in the “Who’s hotter” poll by Bonnie Fuller. She has an article with a poll that declares that 40-something women are hotter than 20-something ones, at least as exemplified by celebrities. ...more

The Political Playground

Earlier this week a Townhall columnist wrote: ...more

I've enjoyed your posts and the debates that they spark, but they are starting to sound all the ...more

Pow! Bam! Comic Books on Today's Women Leaders Pack a Strong Message

Superheroines, Quemosabe! If art imitates life and pop culture depicts contemporary life most real and raw, then these new Female Force comic books deliver a powerful message that women in top political leadership have truly saturated our cultural consciousness. Watch video for more info. ...more

Maybe We Should Call it the Women and Girls League of Justice?

Little by little, I'm starting to become more convinced that the Barack Obama administration is really going to help change things when it comes to women and children here and around the world. ...more

Unlike BecThomasPhotography,

I feel a fire in my belly knowing that we are finally on ...more