If It Makes You Happy - Arms to Armpits

Not to beat a dead horse, but I can't get over the whole Michelle O arms war. Everytime I hear someone question the "appropriateness" of her sleeveless dresses, my gut reaction is, "SERIOUSLY? This is 2009, is it not?" Not to be, uh, harsh or anything. ...more

As a fat woman I hate sleeveless clothing with a passion. It's uncomfortable and ugly. Even ...more

Michelle Obama and the right to bare arms

Okay, let me just come out and say MICHELLE OBAMA, ARGHHH! You're making us all look bad. Not only does she manage to balance an incredibly taxing, high-profile role while she raise two incredible, well-adjusted kids, but she evidently has time to work her triceps too. So not right.  ...more

I think it's perfectly ok for a First Lady to show her arms!  I just don't understand what the ...more

Watching MO - Michelle Obama - HUD & Education

Some people have complained that Michelle has been too silent and/or hidden during this crisis in the American economy.  The ubiquitous they say that she should be connecting with one of "her" core constituencies - women. She should be out there, taking it to the street: visiting women who have become unemployed; showing up at welfare offices; and well, engaging. [While she did host the celebratory lunch for the passage of the Lily Ledbetter equal pay legislation that doesn't qualify as taking it to the people] ...more

First Grandmom Goes to Washington: Is Michelle Obama Dodging Mom Duty?

When I heard that Marion Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama's mother, would join the first family in Washington, D.C.,  and live at the White House to help her granddaughters, Sasha and Malia, adjust to life as first kids, I thought how sweet.  I also wrote about it at WSATA.  Nothing at all about Robinson's final decision to go to the White House struck me as odd, a grandmother choosing to be around her grandchildren or helping to care for them regularly. ...more

Where grandmas bond, brag, and benefit

First ...more

Following MO - Michelle Obama in Week 2 - Focus on Fashion and Race

As First Lady, every choice is a statement.  What charity or social interest will MO support? ...more

Watching MO - Michelle OBAMA and the First 100 Days - Jan. 26

In an article dated Feb 25, 2008, Richard Wolffe of NEWSWEEK de ...more


It's day 3 of the Obama Administration.  The Oval Office is hopping. Gitmo is closing.  Trials are delayed.  The middle east is on the road to peace - or at least conversation.  But what are Michelle Obama watchers talking about - her suit. Now that's just delicious.  Pre-inaugeration, the talk was all about discrimination.  Post inaugeration, the question is not about the color of her skin - but of her suit: yellow-gold, lemon-green, lemongrass??? Over 4000 articles dedicated to the lovely MO and her choice of fabric.  That is the beauty of America. Girlphyte ...more

I'm Following MO

Who didn’t watch  Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day?  If you didn’t, shame on you.  Finally we have a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and it’s not because she’s wearing couture.  One of fierce intelligence and pride.  One that can celebrate the Inaugeration, dance, kiss and laugh, even though it’s day one in the White House and the girls are having a sleepover – Isn’t she afraid that they might touch something? ...more