Michelle Obama Taps Makeup Artist for Inauguration

Everyone is wondering what the upcoming first lady, Michelle Obama will wear to the Presidential Inauguration.  Well, I can't say what clothing she will be donning, but I can say who will be doing her makeup.  To find out more, check out my website and see my blog for today and you will see who the lucky artist will be! ...more

The People's Vote for Michelle Obama's Dress!

With the countdown accelerating to the inauguration day, tens of thousands of fashion forward of America have chosen a winner for Michelle Obama's outfit for the inaugural ball ! The top were voted in from a collection of design inspirations created by the fashion design elite. Find out who made it to the top of the pack and what caught people's fancy. Check out the winners at http://istylerhub.com/blog/2008/12/the-peoples-vote-for-michelle-obamas-dress/  ...more

Let the Record Show

It appears that the Right seem to have found smoking gun to bring down soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama. While past archaeological digs ranging from the infamous whitey tape to her senior Princeton thesis to supposedly telling all about Barack’s birth in Kenya have garnered nothing but dust, many feel they have now hit true pay dirt.  ...more

Seeing Red

Red is a powerful color. It is a color that gets your attention. It is associated with seduction, romance, and now a study from the University of Rochester shows men find women wearing red more attractive. ...more

What Will Michelle Do?

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, are so adorable. They make America smile every time they skip onto the stage with their father, and we're communally delighted to know their good behavior during the campaign will be duly rewarded with a puppy. ...more

The Receptionist and The First Lady

  Will Michelle Obama Spark the Next 'Mommy Wars' Skirmish?, by PunditMom, BlogHer. The momification of Michelle Obama, by Rebecca Traister, Salon. ...more

the mommification of michelle obama #2

(by east coast mom)  ...more

President-Elect Barack Obama: From "60 Minutes" to YouTube

Hang on folks 'cause we're about to have a "YouTube President" in the White House.  Yes, it's true he may now have to give up his BlackBerry, but that doesn't mean his administration won't use the media and the internet in ways that have only been imagined in politics before. Last night President-elect Barack Obama did his first televised interview since the election with Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes." And though interviews by new presidents on "60 Minutes" are not new, the way Mr. Obama has used the media to his advantage rivals that of The Great Communicator himself, the late President Ronald Reagan. ...more

One of the great things about having a next generation President is that he's kept up with ...more

the mommification of michelle obama

did you read the mommification of michelle obama article on salon? i so often feel as a mom that there is no winning for losing. the article is about how, now that her husband has been elected, michelle obama is turning into a "mom", and it's said in such a deprecating way. it draws explicit parallels between her shift in focus to her girls as they move into the white house, and away from being "ambitious and engaged". ...more

To Michelle Obama: Fashion Advice: Don't Listen

One Thanksgiving, a neice of mine, raised and stewed in privilege, went around the dinner table flipping out the labels of each guest's clothing and delivering comments such as "okay" or "ewwwww....." Twenty years later, she's adopted two kids from Africa but only in part because Angelina Jolie says it is cool to do so. Kids adopted from Africa now are labled "kewl". ...more