the mommification of michelle obama

did you read the mommification of michelle obama article on salon? i so often feel as a mom that there is no winning for losing. the article is about how, now that her husband has been elected, michelle obama is turning into a "mom", and it's said in such a deprecating way. it draws explicit parallels between her shift in focus to her girls as they move into the white house, and away from being "ambitious and engaged". ...more

To Michelle Obama: Fashion Advice: Don't Listen

One Thanksgiving, a neice of mine, raised and stewed in privilege, went around the dinner table flipping out the labels of each guest's clothing and delivering comments such as "okay" or "ewwwww....." Twenty years later, she's adopted two kids from Africa but only in part because Angelina Jolie says it is cool to do so. Kids adopted from Africa now are labled "kewl". ...more

Will Michelle Obama Spark the Next 'Mommy Wars' Skirmish?

Loads of media types are already wondering aloud, what kind of parents the Obamas will be. For me, that question is sort of silly -- won't they continue to be the same kind of parents they've always been? ...more

I agree, I hope people can move past the "should she/shouldn't she" debate and ...more

It's lonely out here: planning for a natural childbirth

Who knew we were such a nation of drug pushers? Here is the conversation I am having at least once a day, with moms and non-moms alike. Them: “Are you taking childbirth classes”? Me: “Yes, I’m taking hypnobirthing. I want to have a natural childbirth.” Them: “Good luck with that (wink wink). Or, “Yeah I did too, you’ll get over it.” Or: “You’re nuts! Take the drugs”! ...more

I agree here, no one questioned me at all for wanting to go "all natural" with my pregnancies, ...more


George to Barack: -No matter how bad things are, don't admit to anything worse than "It's a challenge." If ya have ta talk about the wars, stick with the idea we're winnin'. -Pretend ya have a plan that'll work. -Give out nicknames. Seems friendly and ya don't have ta remember real names. -Make sure ya know how to pronounce things. Your speech writers kin spell stuff phonetically, like Peh-tray-uhs. Learned that back in college from the people who wrote my papers. ...more

Working Moms Now Have an Advocate in the White House

If this New York Times article is correct, working mothers will now truly have a friend looking out for their best interests in the country's new presidential administration: Michelle Obama. To quote the Times: "As first lady, Mrs. Obama has said, she plans to make herself an advocate for working parents, particularly military families, urging better access to child care for all. Trying to juggle public duties with two young children, she will be a living illustration of the very issue she describes. ...more

I have been severly castigated by friends as one being a traitor to their gender for not ...more

Michelle Obama Dons J.Crew on Leno!

Looks like Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama are still going head to head on the fashion front, and last night, Michelle stepped back into the political-fashionista spotlight while chatting with Jay ...more

Our Many Hats

A few days ago, thousands of women from all across the country came to Chicago for a national conference on the major questions and concerns facing women today. For two days, they discussed many important issues facing our nation… from health care to energy to diplomacy and peace… led by women who are experts in those fields. And so many fantastic people gave speeches—including the men we are rooting for to be our next president and vice-president, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. ...more

Thank you for weighing in on this, like many have already said, you really do seem to ...more

Michelle Obama is a Class Act

Larry King's show was on in the background earlier tonight, and I perked up when I saw his interview with Michelle Obama.  I really like her.  She's been able to stay above the fray and continues to take the high road.  The past few days, her husband has been under attack, his opponents "taking the gloves off," and yet she had nothing negative to say about her husband's opponent, his wife, or his V.P. choice. Michelle Obama seems to really care about issues, her husband and family.  I'm so impressed with her and I think she'll make a wonderful first lady. ...more

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Michelle Obama

There weren’t many women in this day and age who I could say I admired and wanted to mold myself after… until Michelle Obama arrived on the scene! As an African American professional woman, it is truly refreshing to see a dynamic woman who not only is educated, professional and sophisticated, but also sets an example for professional wives and mothers holding down careers and families (or hoping to one day). When you see the Obama family, you can feel a sense of real warmth, unlike other political families who seem to “stage” hugs and “fake” ...more