authenticity, too

Authenticity—the absence of anything artificial, no preservatives or additives or illusions. Genuine through and through. “Organic,” the greenies would say. In life and literature, perfect correspondence between speech and action, taken as the measure of their correspondence with conscience and belief. From the inside out, certainty that speech and action correspond perfectly with morals, ethics, and values. ...more


Blissful, beautiful, bountiful, blessed holiday weekend! Y-a-a-a-a-y! ...more

Women's issues, rights and equality

With the Democratic National Convention in full swing and Women's Equality Day, marking the 88th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, celebrated on Aug. 26, women's issues have been a hot topic lately. ...more

I totally agree. This is the first election where I've felt like I really care about the ...more

Michelle - A Bell Ringing Out for All to Hear

There are moments in time when a leap forward is made.  The candidacy of Barack Obama is one of those moments.  Years and the efforts of millions of people have led to this special moment but his candidacy is a leap. ...more

Why I vote

I went to bed late last night. I decided -- against my better judgment -- to stay up and watch the speeches by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama during the first night of the Democratic National Convention.   Sure I could have just read about them online the next day, but there's something about watching the political mayhem live, at the same time as millions of other Americans, that makes the process more real.   ...more

From Twitter to Tear Gas: MOMocrats Take Denver & the DNCC

Tens of thousands of people are here in Denver for the Democratic National Convention - I don't even know the actual total - but in all of those people, somehow the MOMocrats are everywhere. Press events, the convention floor, the blogger lounge, the Big Tent, meetings with tea, blogging with booze, parties with condoms, marches with Blues. ...more

Have fun and stay safe.  And when you get back, we'll have a contest to see who did the most ...more

I'd Be Ticked If I Were Michelle Obama

while check on the webiste of my favorite British newspaper, I ran across this sketch from their artist at the Democratic National Convention of Michelle Obama giving her speech. I don't know about you, but I would be ticked if I were her.  ...more

I don't know how many of us (especially those of us over 40) would feel about a drawing of us ...more

Judge not,


Marriage is so much more than infidelity.  They have enough history to withstand this.  I ...more

Outing my inner pariah

I started emailing links. After that it was just a matter of time until I became a blogger. My son first suggested I blog, and the final impetus was signing a pork-busting petition--you had to be a blogger. ...more

Nice to know about you too!:)

Thanks for your kind words.