Thrift Store Makeover: An Out-of-This-World Console Table

One night, right before closing, I decided to pop in a Goodwill. Dedicated thrifters believe that first thing in the morning and late at night are often the best picking times—and the theory held true on this night. In the back of the store was a long and low mid-century console bench … for a steal. I had long been on a quest for the perfect table to put behind my very low-backed Jonathan Adler sofa, and this piece really fit the bill. There was a table, a bench and a drawer. I knew that, with a little TLC, this table was just what my living room needed. ...more
Patricia's Room Thanks Patricia.  That is my favorite part of buying 'used' furniture.  I always ...more

In search of some design originality

I've always been intrigued by women who had a true sense of style -- not the ones who wear the current trends, mind you, but the ones who create fashion -- have an innate sense of what looks great with what, and then wear them, damn what the fashion magazines might say. I feel the same way about people who decorate their homes in a truly individual manner -- I love individuals who refuse to follow the trends, but who instead know how to put together a room with a clear understanding of colour, and form and function, but without relying on "what is fashionable."  I love this. Which is why I tend to recoil from anything that is described as "mid-century modern." ...more

I admit, sometimes I feel that my home is the Cobbler's proverbial daughter. 

However, ...more