Mid-Life, Mid-Transition, and Mid-Crazy ~ How do you stop the Crazy Train?

Lately I have been stuck in my transition.  Not seemingly moving forward, but not going backwards either.  It's been an agonzing stall, as far as I can see it.  I have lots of creative ideas.  Made what I thought, was well thought out plans of actions to achieve and bring these ideas to light.  But yet have not seen any direct reaction from my purposeful actions.  It's become rather frustrating, and has brought me to tears on numerous occasions. Serious frustration and mental fatigue has set in at many moments....more

Get A Mid-Life

Right this minute you are being toted along your life's journey in a caravan of transformation. Your time has come. Let go of your neophyte twenties, release your toilsome thirties, wave good-bye to your frantic forties and embrace the metamorphosis of your middle years, your life center. You are not just experiencing mid-life; you are becoming a Middle Aged Goddess. More precisely, you are becoming a MA'd Goddess™, in every mirthful and powerful incarnation the title implies. ...more