Women at MidLife...things are getting lower!

Boobs On The Ground By Michele Herman, http://www.MidLifeCafe.com ~  There`s nothing like the feeling of walking past a guy and he takes a second glance at you. You look back w/confidence, smile and swing your hair. The only thing swinging these days are my boobs!...more

Finding My Stride

Four years ago I woke up and realized that I had to change my life.  It may sound silly, but that's exactly what happened. There were no New Year's resolutions, life altering motivations or ultimatums, just an overnight fire in my belly to change. I woke up with hope. ...more

Standing on the Brink of a New Decade

I will turn 40 in about two weeks.  In my case, this means I've been sort of crazy for the past year.  Right after I turned 39, I suddenly decided that I had exactly one year left in which to grow up and accomplish all the things I thought I ought to have accomplished by 40.The trouble (or the saving grace) is that I've never really been one to make lists of goals as far as what and where to be and when.  So I didn't really know what it was the clock was clicking down to. ...more

The Glam Gals 

We have another question for you to ponder? Have you thought about ...more

Real Live Writer

Playgrounds ...more

The Next 50!

Today is the first episode of my Internet radio show, "The Next 50 Are For You" and I am tweaking with nervousness!  Thank goodness it isn't internet TV!...more

5 Age Defying Dating Tips

You’ve heard it all before. Sixty is the new fifty and fifty the new forty. It’s no news. Looking young may be one thing, but feeling and acting it is an entirely different issue. There’s no denying that the frenetic pace that work and society demands can add undue pressures on a person, but ever wonder how it can affect your dating life? The Prime PoolThe good news for prime singles is that they’re not alone. ...more

Confessions of a Middle Aged Dancing Queen, or How Itunes Enriches My Life

Remember "Freestyle" music? You know, Alisha's "All Night Passion", Sa-Fire's "Boy I've Been Told", Expose's "Let Me Be the One"? Go ahead, click on the links, dance around a little, I'll wait here. ...more

Facebook Excommunication!

My kids all have hundreds of ‘friends’ on their Facebook sites. HUNDREDS! Some of them are relatives and some are parents’ friends. Most are friends from school and summer camp and then friends of those friends. And, at times, they are friends with me. ...more

I'm in my 20's and admittedly a little weirded out by adding relatives to my Facebook ...more

Gray Isn't The Problem

“My eyebrows are falling off and landing on my upper lip.” I laughed hysterically when my mother said that to me more than 20 years ago.  My mom always went for the laugh.  She was good at it too. ...more

My dear friend Mona, a fashion stylist and just plain stylish person, once told me that she ...more

Virgin ITunes download

I downloaded my first ITunes ever just recently. And actually, my first download was more than music. I downloaded the video. What drove me to make the leap? Michael Johns’ American Idol performance of “It’s All Wrong, but It’s All Right”. He is a good-lookin, late 20’s, something, and the song is a solid, bluesy, croon with a falsetto at the end that makes my nipples go hard. ...more