Hillary, When Do You Stop?

Many people speculate that Hillary Clinton is planning to run for president.  I don’t think so.I think the fact that she’s letting her hair grow long is an announcement, conscious or otherwise, that she’s transitioning away from public service. She has plenty of power, plenty of interests. She could have an amazing retirement....more


Are Older Women Really Invisible?

I keep hearing that we older women become invisible, but I don’t know if I believe it.I think invisibility is like a new car: once you buy it, you see that model everywhere.Recently I read a post wherein an older woman (OW) claimed to be invisible because, while she stood at a counter talking with a clerk, a younger woman came up and got the clerk’s attention. And this happened on two occasions! The OW was greatly offended....more

Love and Menopause as a Frumpy Fifty-four Year-old

These days my memories of the past are rich cuisine to my soul; they both feed me and torment me. I was once a slender 125 pounds, fitting into my shapely size 7 tight jeans. I was a real looker! This year, 2011, at 54 years of age, I am a frumpy, just-past middle-age, out-of-work administrative assistant, and tipping the scale at 230 hefty pounds. Absolutely nothing looks good on me these days. My clothing manufacturer might as well be Omar the Tent Maker....more

No Such Thing: The Myth of the Mid-Life Crisis

Middle age brings a lot of fun – at the expense of middle aged people. Jokes about angry, hot flashing women and horny, convertible driving bald guys abound. The woman is frustrated because she’s no longer the vibrant, fertile and svelte woman she once was. The man is desperate to relive his youthful glory days by dumping his wife for a younger model, acquiring a toupee and buying an open-top car his paunch can barely fit into. And on it goes, with each generation having its own spin on the stereotypes. What researchers said really happens are simply shifts in life....more

Middle Age Has Turned Me Into A Real Mother Plucker!

Content can be found in the new book, "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" on amazon.com Thanks for checking it out! http://www.amazon.com/Aging-With-Ungirdled-Passion-ebook/dp/B00C88YT7W/  ...more

Lipstick Was My Favorite Costume and Other Halloween Memories

I know it sounds weird but lipstick was my favorite Halloween costume.  I didn't care what I dressed up as so long as lipstick was involved.  See, I grew up during the 50's when the standard, at least what I saw on my friends' mothers and women in the movies was really, really, really RED lipstick.  And in those days, little girls didn't get to wear make-up under any circumstances, except of course -- on Halloween. Here are some of the costumes I had in my young hey-day: ...more

Halloween when I was a child was the most magical night of the year.  The magic of this ...more

Middle Ages

Okay, it's official. I'm middle-aged. How do I know this? Not so much because of my chronological age, but because the other day, I received a catalog in the mail entitled "As We Change." And it was addressed to me; the postal carrier did not, as he is often wont to do, deliver someone else's mail to my door. No. There it was, clear as could be (for a person who was not wearing her reading glasses): My name, my address. This cannot be happening. No way. ...more

Karen, I wrote a posting on my blog about the leakage issue ("I Need a Diaper"), ...more

Who Inspires You in Midlife?

Throughout my life, I've had some great role models.  I attribute my getting through some of life's toughest times to those people I looked up to.  One of them was my grandmother.  Gram was in midlife when I was born -- just a few years younger than I am now.  So I got to know her when she was showing up in the world as the person she really wanted to be. ...more


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