Tell 1.14: A Second Look At How Being "Settled" Can Be Very "Unsettling"

So, tomorrow is my birthday.Weeeeeeeeeee!That "weeeeeeee" was meant to be read with a heaping dose of sarcasm, by the way.So, yes......where were we?  Birthday.  Right.So, tomorrow is my birthday.  I will be officially turning 36, but if you ask my husband, I've been 36 for quite some time now, as he likes to remind me that at 35, I was really in my "36th year."  See, he's splitting hairs here, about the way we humans mark the passage of time -- on the back-end as opposed to the front....more

How Do You Barter in Marriage?

“Happy Monthly Anniversary…” Ah, the sixteenth. ...more

Middle-Aged Me and My First Wrinkle

It's not a laugh or a frown line – I've been grinning, laughing uproariously and frowning deeply into mirrors, to see if the line, that very fine crease, would come and go. I've taken to wandering the house with a handheld mirror examining it in all kinds of light. The pale morning kitchen one. The brilliant sunny dining room. Out in the yard, birds glancing off my reflection. In all my car mirrors. Both side ones. Rearview. "I have my first wrinkle." My 93-year-old mother chuckled. "Your first?" ...more
Sometimes that is all we need to hear "We will age beautifully."more

Blogs by Middle-aged Women

I was very interested to read this post! I am currently building a website/blog for all us 'middle-aged chix' called I really just wanted to share my own experiences and challenges with other women and put a humorous spin on things. Do you think there is a good market for this?   Thanks!Maggie (ChixChat)...more
Great Idea....We all have so much to share!more

Vaginas are Cool--I'm Glad I Have One

Vaginas Are Cool: I’m Glad I Have One Not to worry, my friends, I'm not lowering its standards or discretion (sentence to follow completely contradicts this statement).  I had my annual trip to the gynecologist this week, and I got to see my favorite nurse practitioner.  Everything was fine–I love her–but at the end of the visit, she gave me a bunch of samples of some kind of cream that women find beneficial “as they get older.”  Okay, I have a 5-year-old.  I’m young!  I’m hip!  Fine, yes, I have teenager...more

From Young Hot Chicks to Mother Hens

This was going to be a ‘fluff’ piece – not that I write fluff pieces you understand – but it was going to be a lighthearted look at how we transition from girlhood to womanhood and leave behind the best of our years for the world of the ‘grown ups’.  If, indeed, one considers girlhood the best of our years. Certainly, the female plumbing worked a little better back then, and meaningful decisions centred around what colour lipstick to wear to get us noticed in Biology class.But then something happened....more

Manifesting Peanut - A Midlife Adoption Tale

Once upon a time, there was a woman who wanted to be a mother more than anything.  But she never found the right man and had no luck with the scientific alternatives.  Finally, she decided to adopt despite the overwhelming odds of being single, a minority, having limited resources and family who tried to talk her out of taking this step at 48 years old.  We call this woman "Meno Mom" and she is my younger sister. ...more

There are so many more children out there who need a family. It's such an amazing thing to bring ...more

Jane Six-Pack and the Sword of Damocles

There's a lot of speculation lately about what Americans talk about at the kitchen table.  Well my kitchen table has become the hub for our discussions about the state of the economy and the impact on our family.  You won't find any political rhetoric and homey colloquialisms in our dialogs.  No, we talk about real-life issues like the risk of my 52-year old cousin losing her job due to corporate downsizing.  To protect her identity, I'll call her "Jane Six-Pack". ...more

It's American Menopause Month -- Celebrate or Weep?

Hot flash!  News flash!  September is American Menopause Month!   Depending on your perspective this may or may not be something to celebrate.  But the fact that there's a month in the year dedicated to the change of life acknowledges the many women struggling through a transition that hits us all differently.   ...more


Thanks for adding the Test Your Menopause quiz to our "toolkit" ...more

7 Ways to Survive Dating Over 50

I've been thinking about writing on this topic for a while.  I'm over 50 and single and have a lot of friends in the same boat.  And what I've found is that dating over 50 is just insane!  What I thought I knew --and mastered fairly well in my younger years -- doesn't seem to translate into the dating scene of today.  So what do you do when you're single and want to meet someone interesting and emotionally available?  Or is that really an option for women in midlife?      ...more
Rosieann notsureIcandothis Your last comment was particularly true in regard to this crazy trend ...more