I have never been a "thin" woman,  I am 5-8 and 237 right now.  Over the last 6 years I have gained close to 60 lbs.  More than the average weight gain for a woman in her 30's.  In 2006 I was bucked off a horse and shattered my wrist.  I was in a full shoulder cast for 3 months that year, and when that came off I was very limited in the use of my wrist.  So what else is there to do.......sit around shoveling food in my mouth.   And I was REALLY good at it.......more

A Friendly Focus

I have never quite been able to get the hang of friendships.  At 48 years old, I have been through the gamut..from acquaintances to deeply personal and enduring friendships that are the things of chick flix. But for some reason, things just never quite seem to add up for me, and I just don't get how people have these friends that are like their "twin soul" who have stood with them through thick and thin, whose friendship is undying and loyal.I thought I understood that after a 20 year friendship, but apparently I was wrong....more

7 ways to hide the gray on social media

I laughed when my friend Peggy recently called me an expert in social media. I am not. I'm simply more comfortable with social media than many people our age.Peggy and many of my friends spend thousands hiding the gray and smoothing the wrinkles. So here are my tips for them, on how to hide their social media gray:1. Don't insist that Twitter is about people telling you what they had for lunch. It's not....more

Graduation Means New Beginnings; It also Means Endings, Too

It’s graduation week around town. We’re hearing lots of speeches about new beginnings, following your dreams, and choosing roads less traveled. Students are told repeatedly “it’s all ahead of you.” But for those of us with children in cap and gown, it’s not all about the future. For us, it’s also about the past....more
Mine just started college a month ago, and I'm the one that ended up homesick.  Missing those ...more

Today ... only the Middle by Donna LeClair


Starey Starey Eyes

Deb: This is something I've wanted to blog about for a while now. Staring. Ever...more

Sorry the comment didn't post (I mean, I don't take responsibility for the lack of posting, but ...more

Taking My Lumps

The Middle Ages      Two Friends--different ages, different husbands, different opinions...more