Birth Order

Boys are so much Easier ...

                 During one of the last meetings in my last year at M.O.P.S, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, I sat juggling my five year old daughter's crying fit over not being included in a game while fumbling to find and fix my one year old daughter's Velcro hair ribbons when a mother leaned over and whispered, "Aren't boy's so much easier than girls?"...more

Middle Child Syndrome Cured by Oreo's!

     By the time she was nine years old my oldest daughter was giving speeches in local schools as a well known little "Paleontologist," complete with slide show's and business cards.  She was not a typical little girl with pretty pink bows and lacy dresses, but rather was the only girl on an all boy flag football team.  She read with a passion and studied any kind of culture she could get her hands on.  She was advanced and I spent hours and hours loving every minute of it with all the attention I could afford her....more

What Impact Does Birth Order Have?

 @Practically Speaking Yes. Totally!more

...second child syndrome

    My daughter has "second child syndrome." Translated it means she can be very difficult. If you only have one child I DARE you to have a second....more

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Happy Birthday, Austin!You have the sometimes bemoaned distinction of being a middle child. Sandwiched in between a spirited big sister and a rambunctious younger brotherWhat role do you take in the family?It has often been said that middle children have to try a little harder to be heard, which can sometimes make them feel insecure.Do you feel that way sometimes?  ...more

What's The Cure for Middle Child Syndrome?

My 6-year-old son is pulling all kinds of annoying crap lately…mostly whining and complaining about things not being fair between siblings or with the universe in general. I think it’s a phase because I remember our oldest acting like a similar pain at this age. The problem is, every time my husband and I discuss our son in private, my husband gets all wound up and worries about him suffering from Pathetic Middle Child Syndrome. Well, I’m a middle child thankyouverymuch and I get pretty defensive every time he argues his case for PMCS. How do we have a decent conversation without me getting all “Marcia Marcia Marcia” about it?...more
Easy way to solve the problem, you know - have an even number of children....more

My Middlest


The journey from 2 to 3

I love my kids.  I adore everything that they do.  Well, MOST of the things they do.  I don’t so much adore when they flush ninjas down the toilet… or when they pee all over the bathroom (not just the TOILET, the BATHROOM- I’m not a guy, but is it THAT hard to aim!?)… but MOSTLY I adore every move they make.  My “babies” are no longer babies.  My youngest is a full-fledged sassy 2 ½ year old and he will come at you you like a ferocious Velociraptor if you say differently.Me: How is my baby boy this morning?...more

Middle Child a Mom!

This mother's middle child syndrome is kicking in full force while raising her daughter that is also a middle child!  Sensitive?  Yep.  Crys easily?  Yep.  Loves unconditionally?  Yep.  Am I referring to the mother or child?  Both!  Daily I struggle to be more compassionate with my middle child.  Memories from my childhod creap into my mind and I realize that she is me!  Honestly, who knew that two personalities could be so similar?!?  It is crazy how much we can butt heads be...more

My daughter is 14 now. 11 was hard! Hang in there... for me it has gotten easier. She is ...more