What bothers you the most about the current economic downturn?

For over two years the U.S. economy has been in a downward spiral and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.  The problems seem inescapable,  and the media coverage is relentless.  Whether it's school budgets being slashed, or unemployment or rising health care costs; nearly everyone is affected one way or another....more
Why is the Tea party considered "an extreme movement" when the T-E-A stands for taxed enough ...more


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almost fishing

almost fishing There was once a fisherman on the beach of Mexico. He was hanging out by his boat, docked on the beach when an American businessman on vacation came and sat by him. The businessman asked the fisherman what he did, he said he fished. "Is that your boat over there?" asked the businessman. "Yep," responded the fisherman. ...more

What's your class?

One of my favorite movies is Sophia Coppolla's Marie Antoinette. It's so beautifully made, with all the decadent clothing and desserts, I watch it several times every October because it always reminds me of my birthday. It also provides a simple reminder of what happens when the rich have it all (and why teenagers shouldn't have power), and the poor have nothing. What is welfare other than scraps thrown to keep the poor subdued? I don't like putting it in those terms, but it's the hard truth. Many people think others are poor because they didn't work hard, but really?...more

Please just pass the tax cut extension already!

How does one be political without getting into personal politics? Easy, let's talk something simple - that everyone should agree on. Tax cuts. Sure, not everyone "needs" them to survive but most economists think that while the tax cuts won't necessarily be an "efffective stimulus", passing them will prevent a worsening of the economy. Possibly, according to Moody's, the economy could see modest gains from the cuts being extended. One of the biggest arguments on extending some of the cuts is "deficit"....more

The Four Rump Roasts of the Apocalypse

It seems every where I turn someone else is talking about food. I once thought myself alone in my singular obsession. I grew up on the fringe of the middle class. I won't say we were poor, because I could always name at least 5-10 families in our small town who had less. Food was never in short supply nor was it in abundance. We ate, we never went hungry. I am the child of a single mother who watched from early on how my mother had to make some very hard choices when it cames to how the food budget was going to go....more

Dual-Income Parents: The Exhausted American Middle

Back in the mythic 50s and 60s, housewives like Betty Friedan and Betty Draper were very bored. The Feminine Mystique opens with this description of an average housewife’s day: “Many women no longer left their homes, except to shop, chauffeur their children or attend a social engagement with their husbands.” ...more

My husband and I were tag-team parents until last year. Though we both had the luxury of ...more

What do you you want to see happen first when President Elect Barack Obama enters the White House?


If I knew what our President Elect should handle first maybe I'd have applied to be ...more

Joe the Plumber and the Middle-Class Squeeze

Joe Wurzelbacher--better known as Joe the Plumber--is getting his 15 minutes of fame, and in the meantime, raising questions about what it means to be middle class, and why the middle class is so very squeezed. Continue reading "Joe the Plumber and the Middle-Class Squeeze" » ...more

Tales from Below, Part 1: Looking Down From Above

In 2005 my life was pretty damn good. My husband and I lived a nice middle class life on the East Coast. We had a nice two-story colonial style home in the beautiful Northern Virginia horse country nestled right outside the Blue Ridge Mountains - a few minutes to the mountains, an hour to DC, only a little more than that to the Bay and then onto the ocean. We had 2 cars, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids, a home theatre in process and a KOI pond. We were the quintessential American family. Things were great. ...more