How teaching in Qatar made me a better person

By Chandi Wyanthttp://paradiseofexiles.comWhy would I cart myself off to the other side of the world where fresh air is in shorter supply than toilet paper was in the USSR and where the only thing that’s organic is thermogenic gas and with a gender ratio of 75% men?Originally I thought it was to have a job in my field. But now, at the end of three years, I think it’s because of the personal growth....more

A California girl goes Falconing with Bedouins

Of all my travels, this was the most foreign place I’d beenBy Chandi Wyant “We thought about asking you to wear an abaya and a niqab,” Ali says, turning to the back seat to glance at me. “Because you’re really not supposed to be in our car.”...more

HAUTE COTURE Designer Niolas Jebran

I just discovered an amazing Couture Designer that I Wanted to share with you! Just phenomonal Designs!...more

The Battle Against Child Marriage: One Step Forward

Many little girls in the western world dream of the day when they will become brides, imagining themselves the most beautiful, special, and celebrated person in the world on that magical day.However, for many girls around the world, marriage is not far away – and with it, all the responsibilities and duties of a wife....more

Simply Hummus

These days I am kinda obsessed with Mediterranean dishes, I feel there is something succulent about subtle and aromatic Mediterranean flavors, you just can't have enough of it....more

Syrian Women Refugees Stitch Together Trust and Hope

Cross-posted from UN Women The sound of women laughing and making jokes are all one can hear standing outside the Tailoring Workshop container at the Women and Girls Oasis in Zaatari refugee camp located in the Jordanian Governorate of Mafraq, close to the Syrian border. ...more

Some Observations and a Medical Miracle

I’ve been observing Kuwait culture for a few weeks now, and I can’t help but notice that while there are some areas where the U.S. clearly shines, Kuwait is far superior in others. I’ve been keeping a kind of informal tally sheet in my head. Here are the winners in a few categories: Road names: The road I travel to get to work in Kuwait is called The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz Highway. The name of the toll road that links my hometown with Austin, Texas?...more

Getting Lost Again... and Again... and Again...

  There’s a lot to like about Kuwait: cheap taxis, funky bazaars, great ethnic food. And every single restaurant promises to deliver to my doorstep (well, except McDonalds. But I didn’t travel 6,000 miles to eat McByproducts anyway). There’s one thing here that I’ve grown to hate though, and I hate it with a passion impossible to express in a 600 word blog post. It’s a phrase. A death knell, really....more

Driving Safety: A Kuwaiti Oxymoron

Welcome to Kuwait, the nation that boasts the highest traffic crash rate in the world. In a country the size of New Jersey there are 60,000 traffic accidents each year and 400 fatalities.400 seems low for the way they drive here.People drive on the sidewalks, they drive the wrong way down the streets, they drive with unrestrained kids hopping back and forth over the seats, and they drive while reading the newspaper. It makes the texting-while-driving epidemic in the U.S. look tame....more

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