The Joys of Raising Middle School Boys

Oh, the joys of motherhood. Watching your children grow, relishing every milestone and taking pride in their accomplishments. Knowing that you are doing your best to raise them to be independent, kind-hearted, strong adults and occasionally having the thought of "Damn, I am NAILING this parenting thing" makes you swell with pride. Then they do something that makes you certain that people are going to think this child isbeing raised by mental patients.  ...more

Middle School: Was it Middle Hell for you?

'Tis the season! Back to school pics abound on social media. And the memories flood in. By memories, I mean nightmares. Not all nightmares, but a few Middle School related ones. Oh Middle School.  Those were not the days. ~~~ How many guys have you gone with?The little spaceship in my head that travels back in time is being propelled even further back than high school.  I'm remembering MIDDLE SCHOOL!Dear G0d, make it stop.The only remedy, of course, is to write about it....more

How to help gifted children survive the middle school years

Just when life seemed manageable, middle school-aged children face confusion and uncertainty. Social demands, hormonal changes, and a burgeoning sense of independence challenge the self that once was. New worlds unfold, and the old rules from elementary school don't work any more. Neither child nor adult, they must discover who they are and how to define themselves....more

Hernando's solution

Left BehindA look at a solution for middle school students that have been held back two or more times.Parents understand right away when I say is there anything else that can help my child get through middle school? Children who are held behind in middle school more then two times become a major problem. For one they are older then their peers and usually feel isolated. Number two they pretty much seem to give up. Most people believe that kids who give up do so because they don’t care and they don’t have parents who take an active interest in passing....more

Generation XYZ -- Middle School Girls and Justin Bieber

WordPress is asking us (well, asked us… this is Thursday’s prompt) to describe the generation immediately younger or older than us, and to explain what we understand least about them, as well as what we can learn from them. I’ll take the Generation younger than me.  I’m 29… so… I don’t know exactly how old that ‘generation’ is, but probably kids around grade 7-8, maybe early high school?  Middle school I guess.  Particularly… middle school girls....more

Middle School Christmas Miracle

William, my big baby boy, is growing up, even though he doesn't want to.  He'll be 13 in March, he's almost as tall as I am, he weighs 140 lbs., and he started middle school this year....more

Are You Smarter Than A Middle Schooler?

The school bell is about to ring.  Everyone is looking around nervously, hoping they are in the correct place.  Papers clutched in sweaty hands are checked once again so that each person can compare the class schedule to the numbers on the doors. Finally the buzzer sounds and people shuffle in to find a seat - hopefully near a friend - while the teacher starts going over a wealth of pertinent information.Back To School Night at the middle school has begun....more

Survivor: Middle School

 It was 2004.  Professional development. (lowest bidder - you get what you pay for.)  I was bored, so I took this theme and ran with it.==Survivor: Middle School Version...more

Summer Reading 74 Days to Read 304 pages!

This is how my son’s  June 1st deadline to BEGIN READING the book,  “Diary of Anne Frank” started. This is how m...more

The Zen of Special Needs Parenting, Growing a Girl Into A Tween

My daughter Zoe will be eleven soon, and the signs are all around me. Like the way she waves me away at school drop off, not looking back as she zooms full speed ahead in her power wheelchair. It was here she used to kiss me goodbye each morning, flinging her arms around my shoulders as I would lean down, brush my lips against her cheek and whisper in her ear “ do your best, make it a great day! ”. ...more