Easing the Transition from Elementary to Middle School for Girls

How do I support My 10-year old daughter during the transition from elementary to middle school?photocredit...more

Important Advice to Myself About Middle School

If I could jump into a tricked out DeLorean and go back to the future, I would write myself this warning letter before Missy started middle school six weeks ago… Dear Karen,You are completely clueless. Here’s a glimpse into the days ahead so you can “make better choices” that will save your liver and relationship with your daughter....more
It's next year for us. I'm printing this out for reference. Loved it!more

My God, What Was She Thinking

I often ask this when I look at my daughter and consider that first Christmas, no hoopla, presents, pie or a tree. It likely occurred in the spring, when shepherd's would be watching their sheep at night (to keep away wolves from the lambs). And God decided to put her plan, the fate of the world and her only plan for redemption in the hands of a girl, no more than 14 (my daughter's age). ...more