Trying Something New

 Welcome to my first blog post on MySideof 50! My name is Cathy Lawdanski and I am a 50 something wife, mother of 2 grown daughters and a “Gaga” to precious grandkids, Parker and Madeline. I have been a teacher, stay-at-home mom, volunteer and for the past 20 years, a non-profit executive....more

A Trip to the Attic for a Trip to South America

My son is leaving in a couple of weeks to backpack in South America. In order to procure needed funding, he has begun to dig in my attic, that hoarders treasure trove that can keep one occupied for hours. We have been culling through mounds of newspaper, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes and rediscovering long forgotten items from his childhood to past flea markets.  More than once he has berated me for being a hoarder and has been diligently cleaning as he unpacks the relics stacked in heaps....more

Note to Self

Dear Teenage Me,You are so vibrant and full of life.  I want you to understand how valuable those qualities are, that you’re unique, special. It is difficult to find people in this life with those qualities, they’re rare, you’re rare.  Cherish them, be proud of them, they will serve you well....more

We Are Changing History

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “We are the first women, in all of human history, to be living long enough, healthy enough, and be intellectually vibrant enough after menopause to have another life”. Think about it.  Until the 1800’s most women didn’t make it past the childbearing years, with the average woman dying at 48.  As health improved, we lived to menopause but not much longer.  For most of the next century, people knew so little about “the change” that women were thought to go crazy for a time, and then expected to ….knit?...more
Great post, bravo! There is so much to explore in this world. We don't have to follow our ...more

Making A Spectacle of Myself

 In the last three years, there has been a strange phenomenon in my personal life. At first it was subtle. I hardly noticed. But like many insidious and hideous occurrences, it grew more and more obvious....more
It's not the first time something foreign has ended up where it doesn't belong. I blame my children.more