Am I a Foodaholic?

I am doing a week-long "cleanse" for the second time in my life. I did the first six months ago and loved it! I lost weight, gained energy, and felt better mentally and physically than I had in years.But when it was over, I slowly started to go back to my old ways, and before I knew it, I put half the weight back on again and felt lousy - tired, lethargic, dull, and a little edgy....more

Yoga and Groaning Don't Mix

In my effort to quell my midlife crisis, I started taking yoga for its meditative, restorative, and re-energizing qualities. I took an intro course with an awesome instructor to get myself reacquainted with the mat, the poses, and settling my mind for a while, then signed up for classes. I painted my toenails, pulled on my best pair of yoga paints and my favorite tank top, found my mat, and took a deep breath....more

5 Steps for Dealing With a Midlife Crisis

For the last six months, I’ve been in the throes of a major midlife crisis, but in the last month, the fog of depression and self-deprecation has started to lift. It’s still a battle, but at least I don’t wake up every day feeling like my life has ended now that I’ve hit my mid-forties. When I do feel myself slipping backwards though, I follow these steps:...more

Midlife Crisis Minivan Momma

Where've I been?Well, there was the Woven Tale Press to get out; catching catchless cats for flea blaths and flea-bombing at Gramma’s house; Target back-to-school shopping; fleas to bomb at my own house caught by Pup from Gramma’s house.All tales of their own. Which I haven't had time for due to excessive daily vacuuming....more


I heard Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of, Lean In, speak at BlogHer ’13 last month, and I must admit to being surprised at how much I identified with her message.  The question the Lean In campaign asks each of us is,  “What could you do if you weren’t afraid?”  I’ve lived my life afraid for as long as I can remember, and I’d venture to say my h...more

Tender Mercies

I need to vent in private. I can't live with computers that divulge the whole story to people who are too close to have perspective. Sometimes I want to tell only MY side of the story!  I'm tagging this irresponsibly.  Hopefully only  the truely INSANE will find me! And, so it begins.....................more

Feeling Like The Homecoming Queen 20 Years Later

     "There's no way I'm going to this" I told Amy.  Here I was: freshly dumped.  Racing towards middle age without the husband, kids, house, career, or even a decent car....more

What Tomorrow Will Bring

It is important now more than ever to be open to a changing world. To adapt to situations, where the new seems strange and uncomfortable. You will be asked to take on new challenges. There are some of you, who will balk at having to do things that you've never experienced before, but do not let it hinder you from moving forward. There are those of you, who look forward in changing your life and leaving the old behind. The way the world is moving at this time, you will need your past experiences to help guide you, as well as, being brave in accepting new opportunities with open arms....more

Mom's Gone Wild

I hit the big 4-0 this year. And like so many people who manage to avoid an early death, I’m taking stock of my life as I hit this milestone. In many ways, I’m doing fine—at least as fine as anyone trying to manage two kids, one husband, three pets, a busy career and a never-clean house can be. But like so many moms I know, I feel like I’ve kind of lost track of who I am, apart from my roles as wife and mom and career girl....more

Cuttin' Ma Herr

So I just went cri-zazy and cut off all my hair this myself. And it turned out awesome, thank goodness!Some of us adjust to the throes of midlife by working out. Others eat. Some take art classes, get a lover, buy a new car. I just got fed up and chopped off all my hair because of this conversation:Me: "Hey honey, I think I'm going to call Kelly and see if she can work me in for a hair cut today."Him: "Really? How much did you spend at the grocery store yesterday?"...more
I'm not brave enough to cut my own hair but will color it to save money. I bet it looks rockin'!more