Feeling Spent? Reinvent!

Reinventing yourself is not nearly as big as it sounds and like most things in life, best done in a series of small steps and stages. Some might imagine reinvention as starting over but I think of it as starting with now and building upon your knowledge of yourself and the world around you. At 40, 50, 60 and beyond you don’t need to start at the beginning. You have experience and expertise (yes we all have a lot of that) to lead the way. Reinvention is about harvesting what you most want and need. It’s about discovering what to keep and what to leave behind. It takes patience and kindness....more
@Kelly 54 That is what is so great about journaling and many creative activities that let your ...more

I have a great neck.

I am over 50. I am slavishly attached to two threefive specific beauty tools. In no particular order, they are: tweezers, eyelash curler, tweezers, flat iron and tweezers. As far as actual skin care and makeup products go, as long as it says anti-aging, wrinkle reducing, anything that has the words lift or firm, I am in. I also give a chance to any product advertised in More magazine. I have had Botox® injected into my forehead twice, but that was three years ago, and frankly, the results don’t seem to be lasting. ...more
I can totally relate. I like my neck too!more

Hole-in-my-bucket List

How does a person re-invent herself without a publicist, a team, and a reality show?I could start big and lose 10% or so (35%?) of my body weight or trade in my mini-van for a hybrid....more
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In Lieu of a Midlife Crisis

I have turned the age my father was when he died of a massive heart attack.  His first symptom was death.  Do you know what this does to the psyche of a partial hypochondriac?  I'll tell you what it does.   It causes one to occasionally curl up in the fetal position awaiting death the way a pregnant woman awaits labor.  "Is this it?  Was that a fleck of plaque clogging my artery or a sore muscle from my push-up this morning?"  (Yes, I meant to write push-up singularly.  If you can write it plural, bully for you.)...more

The life I once led.

Eight years ago today I headed west. I had no idea what I might do, no idea that I was about to be reborn. In fact, I couldn’t see any kind of future for myself. The only thing I knew for sure was that the life I’d lived up until that moment was no longer bearable....more

Are You an Entrepreneur? Answer These 5 Qs Before Taking the Plunge

[Editor's note: Are you contemplating starting a business as a re-careering strategy? If so, stay right here. This week, the Reinvent Yourself series shares start-up advice from experts and women who've figured out what it takes. Happy ventures. -- Michelle V. Rafter] ...more
So true! The amount of time and money required to make a go of it is often much more than we ...more