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My Birth Story - Part 1

Our little man is just over 3 months old now and I finally feel ready to sit down and write our birth story. My birth plan kind of went out the window and I needed time to reflect and take it all in. There were a couple of things I needed to accept in the midst of all of the joy, pride, and love. Part 1 of my story goes over how we came to assemble our "team," which is very important if you want a natural birth....more

"The Business of Baby" by Jennifer Margulis

Likening new (or soon-to-be) parents to fish in a barrel hardly seems fair.To the fish.That’s because, when it comes to a group ripe for the picking by corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and other entities, it’s hard to top nascent moms and dads.After all, if “experts” continually bombard you with messages that this prenatal procedure is critical, that childbirth intervention is urgent, and those products are vital to your baby’s overall well-being, who are you to suggest otherwise?...more

Are Pregnant Women Getting the Information They Need? A New Survey Says No

When I was pregnant with my first child, in Atlanta, Georgia, I was excited to go to prenatal appointments. I looked forward to seeing other pregnant women in the waiting room, finding out my weight, and talking about my hopes and fears for the upcoming birth. ...more
Thank you so much for writing this article!  This has been on my mind a LOT recently... last ...more