#44: Touring the Universe

1103-UnionStation-0198 Photo by Joe Sands (My favorite from the day!) ...more

Teaching my daughter to play jacks: A life list update

Few pastimes remind me of childhood as much as playing jacks. Climbing trees, roller skating, tying daisy chains, riding bikes, swimming, catching lightning bugs. All of that too. ...more

Esme has perfected the art of the body dive. She launches herself across the room to catch ...more


I like schedules, love routine and my sleep is most peaceful when everything is in its place and nothing essential remains on my to-do list.Hah!...more

Inspiration Antidote

The blessing and curse that comes with blogging is the constant flux of usable material. Something pisses me off/ baffles me/ infuriates me/ makes me laugh and I think, "I should blog about that!"Except, I can't always do that.Quite often, lately, things go on that are so worthy of posting but would definitely be hurtful to some who read this. As in, it is totally not okay to air my friends' and families' personal business online, even if it relates to me. Especially if that business is difficult, conflictual or controversial for them....more

Ostrich Egg Party

 photos by leslie dussAs I make my way through my life list, I imagine there will be things I do for the first time that become new passions and others that I strike through and never try again. Let's put cooking an ostrich egg in that last category. ...more

This is a great post. Even if you wouldn't do it again, it looks like you and your family had a ...more

What a Weekend

On Saturday morning, Danica had her first ever swimming lessons. Considering that she usually responds to water on her face like she's been splashed with battery acid, I was not optimistic. I fully anticipated the helpless looks of the instructor, and the smug looks of the parents, and the resigned looks of my husband while we packed her up and brought her back to dry land. But...She ROCKED it!...more

I will not call this my Bucket List, I will not, and you can't make me.

Directly inspired by the woman whose hair I am most envious of in the entire world, Maggie Mason, I'm writing my own Mighty Life List. Or I could call it Things I'd Like to Try Before I Kick It, or Cool Things That I Always Forget I Want To Do Because the World is So Full of Amazing People, Places, Events but I Have to Go to Work Today, but those were a little clunky....more