What a difference...

#NaBloPoMo! I already failed in the first five days. :( I couldn't get a passport out of Migraineland to write my blog yesterday.  So at some point, I'm going to post an extra blog to make up for missing one.  But not today. Today is recovery day.  It's kind of like a hangover.  Everything moves slow, but it is moving. ...more

The Happy Migraineur: Homemade Ice Packs!

My migraines, as I have said before, are epic.  They are triggered by weather, hormones, food, wine, stress...life....more

Good Parenting Means Accepting Help Sometimes

By Mara Migraineur...more

Blogging For A Month Of Migraines?

I found this site through a search on National Blog Post Month. WEGO Health is having a month long blog challenge too so I thought I would be able to combine these two into one big happy blog!Day One - If I Were To Write A Book In The Future....Day Two - My Reality TV Show...more