My husband's other mom

Sometimes my Mother and my husband trade texts. I have decided this is unbelievably sweet (as long as they aren't discussing me). For her part, my Mom adores my husband - she calls him when she needs help with something, they have been known to refer to each other as "son" and "mom," and she has always welcomed him into our family. ...more

Would You Let Your Mother (or Mother-in-Law) Watch Your Child's Birth?

I invited my mother-in-law to come to one of the numerous ultrasounds we had of the twins back when we were pregnant. I felt like it was only fair since I not only invited my mother to come to a few appointments, but I would have been personally crushed if my mother hadn't taken me up on the offer. I was a new mum-to-be after a long time of waiting to become a new mum-to-be, and if my mother had shared in the crappiness of infertility with us, I wanted her there to celebrate in the joy of impending parenthood with us. ...more
I recently asked my daughter and her husband if I could attend one of their ultrasound ...more

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Mother-in-Law arriving Soon!

pm by Michele | Edit robotBetty, my MIL, has decided that she won’t travel anymore; at least not by herself. No this is Evelyn’s MIL, who is also called Evelyn and now, for the sake of clarity, will be called E2. I have been told by many people that E2 is a perfectly delightful older woman, who makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker....more

I think it has more to do with so very badly wanting the approval of the MIL. My MIL has NEVER ...more