Would You Let Your Mother (or Mother-in-Law) Watch Your Child's Birth?

I invited my mother-in-law to come to one of the numerous ultrasounds we had of the twins back when we were pregnant. I felt like it was only fair since I not only invited my mother to come to a few appointments, but I would have been personally crushed if my mother hadn't taken me up on the offer. I was a new mum-to-be after a long time of waiting to become a new mum-to-be, and if my mother had shared in the crappiness of infertility with us, I wanted her there to celebrate in the joy of impending parenthood with us. ...more
I recently asked my daughter and her husband if I could attend one of their ultrasound ...more

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Mother-in-Law arriving Soon!

pm by Michele | Edit robotBetty, my MIL, has decided that she won’t travel anymore; at least not by herself. No this is Evelyn’s MIL, who is also called Evelyn and now, for the sake of clarity, will be called E2. I have been told by many people that E2 is a perfectly delightful older woman, who makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker....more

I think it has more to do with so very badly wanting the approval of the MIL. My MIL has NEVER ...more