'Jupiter Ascending ' is a Fun Romp Around the Universe

Jupiter Ascending,  in theatres now from writers/directors Andy and Lana Wachowski and Warner Bros. Pictures, is a trip worth taking. This film tells the story of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a young woman whose father named her after the planet. After his murder, Jupiter grows up with family in Chicago and a life of cleaning toilets but wanting more. Day in and day out she tries to keep focused, but her father’s love of the stars has been passed to Jupiter. ...more

Celebrity Wheels: Mila Kunis Drives a Fiat Lounge

It’s reported by x17online that Mila Kunis was recently given a Fiat 500 Lounge Cabrio by fiancé Ashton Kutcher. The couple recently announced their engagement and pregnancy. Engagement gift? Pregnancy gift?...more

31 Things Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Should Definitely NOT Name Their Baby

So celebrity couple and former That '70s Show costars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting a child. Mazel tov! Image: © Curtis Means/Ace Pictures/ZUMAPRESS.com ...more
Ashla or Milton.more

Best Brunette Hair Color

Hi ladies!A  few weeks back I created a list of the best blonde hair color in Hollywood and my post tonight is the same but for brunettes! I am a brunette myself so, of course, this list holds a special place in my heart lol but I think anyone who is looking for a change or to spruce up their current color, check out this post!Also, I think these color posts give a great idea for makeup and accessory looks with certain hair colors. For instance, I think Emerald green jewelry looks amazing on brunettes....more

Oscar 2011: Questionable! Are these the fiest Fummel from the red carpet?

That is why I'm asking only whether the fiest Fummel the Oscar ceremony and claims are not easy: "They look awful and it's true." Even with the beautiful view from my clothes, it was nice to keep the pot Schalk hard already and now finally the time has come to once again a little creative to blaspheme....more

Golden Globes' Best Dressed

Last night's Golden Globes was an event to be talked about, especially when it came to who was best dressed. Mila Kunis, Naya Rivera and January Jones makes our Best Dressed list and with good reason!...more

Pop Culture Potpourri — 1/17/2011

Hey! Welcome to the first edition of Pop Culture Potpourri, a daily round up of my pop culture consumption. Here you'll read about the movie stars, musicians, TV personalities and programs that tickle my fancy or draw my ire. I hope you enjoy it. ...more

Want to Win Best Actress? Try an Oral Sex Scene!

As the camera focuses on the many talented women nominated for Golden Globe awards as they walk down the red carpet on Sunday, two things might be on viewers minds: 1) what is she wearing? and 2) I know what she looks like when someone goes down on her. ...more

I'm just impressed by how many synonyms you managed to pull together. It's way more fun to count ...more

Weather the Storm in Style

Brrr.... It's been really cold and rainy this winter. What're you doing to keep warm? Better yet, what're you doing to stay in style during these stormy winter months? Here's a tip: Add a pop of color or a trendy item to go with your winter get-up. Click here to read more: http://24blogazine.com/2010/12/23/weather-the-storm-in-style/...more