7 Milestones That Make Me Silently Swear

Milestones. As a parent, you think about them, worry about them, and celebrate them. For me, there are some that make me swear like a drunk sailor in my head: ...more
It's called sarcasm :)more

Toddler Fun: The Crib to Bed Switch

I really, really didn’t want to switch Jack into a bed. I imagined that as soon as we made the switch, my happy little sleeper would suddenly be having middle-of-the-night dance parties. I kept putting it off, but knew we wanted to do it in the spring/early summer. Our pediatrician suggested we make the switch a couple months before potty training so that it wasn’t too much change at once.Then, my husband texted me a picture of Jack climbing our backyard fence. CRAP....more

Sweet P's Sixth Monthday!

original post at: http://milkmachine.blogspot.com/I've been slow to write this month. I blame it on the weather! It's been absolutely beautiful, and I find myself outdoors often with the little man. We've finally settled into Little Rock, and we've done a little traveling this month. Things have never been better! So. Guess who's 6 months old? Sweet P is!  ...more

The Last of the Firsts

 A year ago today my family and friends attended Finley's funeral. I had never been to the funeral of a child before; in fact I've been to very few funerals in general. It was very sad and it was very hard. Finding the words to share about a person that you love so much but feel like you barely got a chance to know is very hard. Funerals usually speak of the things that a person liked to do, their accomplishments, words from people they loved. We never got to know who Finley would.... ...more

I Just Reached a Milestone!

I'm taking a quick break from the marathon blogging month that involved the 31 days in January to make this announcement:This is Post #100! Woot Woot!I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about that!...more

flight of the ladybug

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."~ E.E. Cummings ~She wants to dress herself, but only in pajamas.She wants to wear un-na-wear, but not sit on a potty. ...more

Looking back on my special needs child's year

As the year draws to a close it’s a great time to appreciate the achievements your child has accomplished during the past twelve months, no matter how small they may seem to others. It’s also a good time to regroup and look to the future – break a large goal into smaller steps and praise each step (or stumble) along the way. 8 amazing achievements from my special needs child’s 8th year of life: 1. She is finally sleeping through the night....more

You Light The Night

On Finley's half birthday, several lovely people lit candles for him and sent photos for me to see. There were so many I couldn't possibly post them all individually...Continue reading at http://dear-finley.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/you-light-night.html Lisa xx...more

The Graduate

 This is my baby girl....more

7 Life Lessons on the Cusp of 40

I've still got time...nine months to be exact. But the reminders have been hitting me like a battering ram. One by one, friends have been dropping like flies, entering the realm of the dreaded “big 4-0”—or anxiously awaiting the bomb to drop in far less ceremonial fashion than the new year’s eve ball in times square....more