She's 18 Next Month: This Mom Is Backing Away From Miley Cyrus Criticism

Miley Cyrus will be 18 next month. All this talk of containing the sexy is rubbing me wrong. I can't stand her music, and I've never been a fan of any of the Cyrus clan for myriad reasons. I was aghast at her behavior when she was 16. However, she's not 16 anymore, not a child. Now that she's a month from being old enough to vote and serve her country, any attempts to contain her sexy smacks of patronizing patriarchy to me. But this post is not a rant -- it's a question. ...more
I would like to say something about the double standards in the videos, which I think is a ...more

Military Stylin'

Folks, get ready for Fall with the latest trend of military fashion. Try green cargo skinnies or an army inspired shirt or jacket. The look is hard, but cool casual at the same time....more

Miley Cyrus Exposed

Last week, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted an up-skirt photo of Miley Cyrus as she was exiting a car in a short skirt. The question of whether posting material of the underage teen in this manner was appropriate hit the streams and blogosphere and erupted [View the censored image here.] ...more

apparently underage sexuality is now fully marketable. consult your personal moral compass. ...more

Is Miley Right to Skip College?

Miley Cyrus says she’s not interested in attending college anytime soon, “I’m not gonna go to college right now,” Cyrus told told Q100’s Bert Show Monday morning. “I’m a firm believer that you can go back at any age you want, because my grandma went back to college at 62 years old.” And her sister went to college too. But is Miley right to skip college? I can’t say that I blame her. How many 17-year-olds do you know are making millions and are heading to the top of their game?...more

I think you make a great point, and your perspective is a good one--you see all KINDS of ...more

Prosti-tots: Halloween Costumes For Girls Are More Slutty Than Sweet

Her costume was supposed to be cute, but 9-year-old Noah Cyrus’s dominatrix Halloween costume didn’t get her the kind of attention she wanted. ...more

Miley & The Gang - Sexy Too Soon

Miley Cyrus and the stripper pole at Teen Choice awards - did you see it?  I saw it in the clips shown on TV and checked it out on You Tube, and while it wasn't a full pole dance, it was meant to simulate one.  Honestly it wasn’t a shock.  When the skirts on pre-teen and teen stars on TV rose up to crotch level, there wasn’t anyplace else to go except to take that next step into pretend-stripper territory.  No offense to strippers.  No offense to mini-skirt wearing ladies.  I was one of the latter and have nothing against the former. ...more

Miley Cyrus' Parents Join the Pimp My Kid Club

Miley Cyrus:  She’s 16 years-old and all sexed up.  Miley Cyrus is the cover story for August Elle Magazine.  We’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Britney Spears.  Lindsay Lohan.  Disney stars gone bad… one reason:  their parents sold them out. ...more

Miley Cyrus: Sweet- or Spoiled - Sixteen?

Teen celebs receive extravagant birthday gifts - what does that mean for the rest of us? -Carrie Seim, ...more

A VMA Virgin Play-by-Play

By most standards, I am pop-culturally retarded. Or at least I thought I was until I started visiting everyday. Now I’m Hollywood-rumor educated. Somehow that seemed to make watching MTV’s VMA’s (Video Music Awards) a good idea. Perez Hilton summarized the VMA's in a 5 1/2 minute drunken v-blog, but it takes me a bit longer to do the play by play. And yes, you can now feel bad for the people who watch TV with me. ...more

Goddess versus sex goddess: Is it really just all in the perspective?

With a constant barrage of sexually charged photos, and a commonplace idea that we must use sex to sell and to prove "grown up," have we lost the ability to distinguish healthy sexual awakening and art from sexually exploitative images? Read this post to see images that reflect that transition from girl to woman beautifully and artistically, and also one mom's opinion about how sexually exploitative photos affect not just our eyes but also our vision of our feminity. <!--break--> ...more