A Collect Call? From Afghanistan???

As an Air Force brat, I learned one thing well. Make a soldier laugh. Bust on him. It breaks the tension, whether they'll admit there is any or not. Here's a piece I wrote after an encounter with one of America's finest:...more

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If I get a collect call I'll definitely blog ...more

Can Americans Care for Their Families Without Losing Their Jobs?

We work long hours. We work multiple jobs. We can barely afford healthcare, or we’re doing without. We’re stitching together childcare, or we’re sending our kids to school with H1N1.   We exert ourselves to be good spouses, sons and daughters, parents, members of our community, friends - in snatched moments from being good but insecure employees.   And while we may talk amongst ourselves about hard it is to manage it all, perhaps we feel that this is just life and try to muddle through as best we can, on our own…  ...more

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Support Our Troops

As many of you may already know I served in the Navy as well as my husband and brother.  With Veterans day being tomorrow and the holidays coming up I wanted to share a few ways you can support our troops.  There are Sailors, Soldiers, Airman and Marines serving all over the world away from their loved ones.  They give up many of their freedoms so the rest of us can enjoy the comforts of home. History Of Veteran’s Day Veteran’s Day Events...more

Why It's Okay to be Person Most Likely to Stand in Front of a Tank To Stop It and Continue Military Work in Afghanistan

If there was a high school yearbook category Person Most Likely to Stand in Front of a Tank To Stop It, I'd be the winner hands down.And yet, there's no way I would support a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan post-haste. This blog entry, A Commitment Strategy to Afghanistan, by Lorelei Kelly offers a great explanation but here's the crux for me (I recommend reading the whole column though):...more

Jill this is such a great post, crammed with wonderful references and new information. ...more

Thanksgiving Recipes and Gratitude Lists

by Billie BrownThis week, many or most Americans will sit down to a traditional or not-so-traditional meal of turkey – alternatively, on both ends of the spectrum, turducken or tofurkey – and many other holiday dishes, as a way of giving thanks for the blessings of daily life....more

On Veterans Day, Remembering One Woman's War

by Luis Carlos Montalvan...more

Fort Hood Tragedy Raises Serious Questions for Muslims

A collective “oh crap” emitted from the  the Arab-American and Muslim communities yesterday after the lone shooter at the Fort Hood massacre was identified as Major Nidal Malik Hasan. ...more

Veterans Day Poetry Friday