My Poor hubby

 Last night on the phone the Sailor was a little bummed out. He rarely gets that way, or if he does he rarely expresses it, so it makes my ears stand up when he does. The jist is that he works where he lives, with a teeny, tiny rack being his only sacred space. He has no privacy and lacks the freedoms we take for granted at home ex: watching whatever you want on TV, or cruising the internet when you're bored, or making food at night when you're hungry. And he's been living this way for 18 months so far, with very little time away....more

Straight out of a movie...

The airport was a very dull, paling gray. There was way too much light streaming in through the wall-to-ceiling windows and too much chatter in the waiting area. “I need a gate pass, please....more

The People You Meet

        When you are in the military, you meet all kinds of people. People of different races, religions and backgrounds. Some of those people you get close to and keep a relationship with them long after you have left that duty station. Some you can't wait to get away from. And then there are some you lose touch with and forever wonder if they are okay.We met alot of different people from my husband's time in....more

When a Peacenik Becomes a Military Spouse

As we began our military life, and me the wife of a Butter Bar, I recall lamenting at a squadron barbecue about how I might be "the only person who came from a Lefty upbringing." A Colonel's wife grinned big and said, "Oh Devra, every place you go, you will find you are not alone. You will find a great diversity in the military and the spouses. You will always find someone who is a lot like you." ...more
Love it! I am also a peace activist, war protesting military spouse. When my husband and I first ...more

Saying Goodbye to Recruiting Duty

Saying goodbye to Recruiting Duty ...more