Honoring My Dad on Memorial Day

Photo of my father as a baby sitting with his father and mother. ...more

From shock to acceptance: Jordan's journey

One week ago Sunday, we learned our youngest son, Jordan, was headed off to war. To southern Afghanistan, roughly 7,000 miles and 12 time zones away. Basically, halfway around the world. In the seven days since that I've had to process this news, I've gone from shock to dread to pride and joy to acceptance....more
I wish he was able to be with you guys over the holidays. It really does suck!more

Pride and Patriotism Doesn't Come in Blue or Red, Left or Right

This post of mine (under a headline I did not write and that made me cringe -- "A Leftist Mom’s Pride in Her Enlisted Son”) was recently published on a conservative blog:...more

Women's Interests and the Military Draft

I'm taking a break from writing The Doves to actually more or less blog, and write about what it means to be a woman-or a man-and a citizen today.  ...more