Got Milk? The Health Benefits of Almond Milk

We've all heard the saying "milk does a body good" but would you believe me if I told you that almond milk could even better than the diary kind? If you haven't enjoyed a refreshing glass, you're really missing out. The basic blend is made from finely ground almonds mixed with water. It's not hard to find, most super markets carry a healthy variety. Before you turn up your nose at the thought, read on and see if you don’t see a few good reasons to give it a try....more

CREAM REPLACEMENT: Sweet, decadent and HOME MADE cashew cream

Yep, that’s right I’m exercising my right to not buy creamers and milks from the store when I can MAKE my own versions for 1/3 of the cost and 1000% of the taste. Cashews have a higher fat content than almonds (whoa Nelly) so this neutral cream is an ideal replacement for baking and cooking recipes that call for cream or full fat anything. You can also use it as a coffee creamer by flavoring it with vanilla bean and agave!You’ll Need:...more