Michelle and Preston: A Low Milk Supply Story

I was a breastfeed idealist. I happily made my way through an easy pregnancy naively thinking I would never have a problem nursing once the baby arrived. After all, my mother birthed all three of her children naturally with a midwife, nursed all of us bountifully until we were in the toddler stage and I thought my journey would be no different. I admit, I judged those who chose to formula feed their babies and thought, “why would any mother want to do that when you have what is most natural and healthy for your child right in your own body?”...more

Nursing- Can't Make Enough Milk

Insufficient Glandular Tissue, also named Hypoplasia, is real for some moms who are nursing or have tried to nurse.  With my second child, my failure had a name.  Physically, I cannot make enough milk to feed my children no matter what I do.  I gave up with my oldest child at four months because I didn't have the support at work, guilt, and he lost interest.  Currently, I am nursing my third child....more