Millennials: The Young, Fly, Flashy and Often Misunderstood Generation

Millennials are the largest and most technological savvy generation born between the ages of 1980-2000. Millennials or Gen Yers have surpasses the Baby Boomers generation as the largest population. Millennials are 95 million deep while the Baby Boomers are 78 million deep. Within the past year, I just realized that I was apart of this interesting and unique generation due to being interviewed as a top Millennial within my community (wow). So, I've decided to write about being a Millennial and represent my Clique to the fullest....more

Coming Out: Today's Generation

A few weeks ago, while my #23til23 challenge was in full swing, I mentioned how I had written a letter to my extended family, coming out as both a lesbian and a blogger. I never actually finished editing the letter, and I never actually sent it, but the letter has been lurking in the back of my mind (and notebook), waiting to be sent....more