Another Adventure To Add To My Journey!

  My adventure begins a little something like this.....When first ventured into the blogging world, I quickly learned about the importance of SHARING, LIKING, COMMENTING, NETWORKING, etc.  NO PROBLEM!!  I got this....more

Financial Literacy and Women - The Much Maligned Millennials

In 2015, the Millennial segment of the U.S....more


I am writing this on the eve of our surviving son Ryan's twenty-ninth birthday, a summer solstice baby, born on Father's Day. Days with our children are not a given, each breath they take is a gift.These last ten months we have been roommates, Ryan moved back home to accept a job in Northern Virginia. I see many articles about millennials moving home and how to juggle the relationships, I don't read them. I have never felt like Ryan is a child returning home, he is a capable, intelligent adult investing in a career opportunity and we are house sharing as he explores his options....more

Lily-Rose Depp Announced as New Chanel Fragrance Face {Fragrance News}

  Chanel No. 5 L'Eau Will Be Promoted By Lily-Rose Depp ...more

22 Things I Learned From 22

     In America, 22 is a very important age....more

Selective Memories, Livable Wages, and Why Some Dislike That Yelp Girl

I've been noticing a specific scenario happening more and more lately. The further one is removed from "the struggle" the less likely they are able to empathize with those who are currently struggling. Whether it's a Ben Carson, who was raised by a single mother receiving government assistance who now espouses the false Welfare Queen rhetoric....more

The Myth of the Entitled Millennial

For some years now, we millennials have been the subject of countless negative think pieces, articles, and TV spots. You would think that because we're the best educated group in US history, you'd see older generations patting themselves on the back for what a good job they've done. Instead, we are told that we're lazy, entitled, self-obsessed, and a list of other adjectives that suggest that we're the absolute worst....more
calmabrave  I wish everyone could see the hard work that we've put in, but it isn't ...more

Why Millennial Women Need to Negotiate for Higher Wages

April 14th was Equal Pay Day and it got many people thinking about what equality in the workplace really means for millions of working women. Mad Men rocked television sets with scenes of independent women of the 60s taking charge in their offices and in their careers. At nearly the same time, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the office of President of the United States.One could say that it was fate that brought these three events together.Pay Equality Still a Huge Issue in America...more

24 Things Learned By 24

   This year we turn 24, one year away from quarter-life crisis. We've collected a list of wisdom to prepare."Faith is to say—yes, the future will have pain, but there is a meaning and a purpose deeper than that pain....more

#epatient – Are Millennials Born That Way?

Most of the people I meet in my voyages ’round healthcare system transformation, grassroots edition, arrived at the portal of #epatient via a trip through the medical-industrial complex. Either they, or someone they cared for, wound up getting “a thing” – cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, player to be named later – and they found themselves inside the medical care delivery system, bewildered, and looking for answers.In short, most – not all, by any means, but most – are over 40....more