Weekend Recap

This last weekend was a big one, so I will go ahead and get started! On Friday night I decided to just stay in, order some Thai food and watch television--pretty much my idea of a perfect Friday night. I got sweet and sour tofu and Thai spring rolls from Manee Thai (I fully embraced laziness and had them delivered) and both were fantastic! Kevin was at a concert at Ravinia, so I had the place to myself. On Saturday, I went to a class at the gym called workout challenge--and was it ever a challenge! Cardio, strength and exhaustion for an hour sum it up pretty well....more

Birthplace of the American League

On Saturday, after visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the Impressionism exhibit, we went out for pizza. Originally we were going to this place called Brick Pizza, but it turned out to be a pizza by the slice joint. No thank you.So we kept on walking down Old World 3rd St.We crossed State St. and the building where my husband works.On the other side of the building is this HUGE parking lot that is fenced in with a gate.Me: Who gets to park there?Him: Not me....more

Dear Co-sleeping Moms:

By now I'm sure we've all seen the Milwaukee ads that indicate that co-sleeping = death. They are very upsetting. Two of them show babies sleeping with knives, the other show the family bed headed by a tombstone. They have us all talking.I know you think the ads are directed at you. I bet you think that Mayor Barrett is vehemently against co-sleeping and is judging you. I bet you think the whole world is judging you now, don't you? And maybe they are. But the ads, they are not directed at you. However, this blog post is....more

Lakefront Marathon 2011

How did it go … well, the bus ride with the other DM’rs was a lot of fun Jeff. picked me up at VERY early o’clock, we were first to the bus stop. Go figure. I’d expect nothing but that from Jeff....more

Here I come to save the stray

I woke up this morning and as usual grabbed my iPhone so I could see what time it was. 6:09 a.m. Ugh. And then I noticed that my husband was snoring, so I moved to the sofa....more

Saint Phoebe

Phoebe   I think it was in 2002 that we went to Florida to vist my grandparents, right around this time of the year....more

Calling all Wisconsinites!

If you live in Wisconsin, preferably around the Milwaukee area, then you NEED to check out this awesome event the Wisconsin Humane Society is having on Thursday, July 15th....more

26.2 miles. Yes, I'm running a marathon

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (2010) Dear Kimberly,...more

Teacher Cuts Child's Braid, Gets $175 Fine

A white teacher in Milwaukee, Wisc., cut off a black child's braid as punishment for the child's fidgeting with her hair. School officials have removed the first-grader, Lamya Cammon, age 7, from the teacher's classroom while they "investigate," but the teacher still has her job. The teacher said "I apologize but I was frustrated," according to the mother, Helen Cunningham, who wants to know why this first grade teacher at Congress Elementary would be allowed to keep her job. "Why would we want someone like that teaching our kids?" she asks. ...more

i dont know if it was racially motivated or not but it sure smacks of a physical assault either ...more

A Serial killer is loose in Milwaukee

This killer is unknown and has no police record but his DNA has been found on the bodies of 5 prostitutes in Milwaukee. Over the last 21 years, this serial killer has taken advantage of these consensual prostitute victims. The first victim was on October 10th, 1986. The serial killer's last prostitute victim was in April 2007. ...more