DIY Mimosa Bar

I love having some kind of theme for parties or events.  Sometimes this theme is shown through the food and other times it is shown through a signature drink or some type of bar.  I have set up bourbon tasting bars, punch bars, and serve yourself cocktail bars.  I think it is fun for guests to serve themselves and get to experiment with different concoctions.  Activities and themes are always goo...more

Cocktail Therapy

Last night I was discussing the Thanksgiving Menu with my husband when he all of a sudden jumped up and yelled, "Poinsettia Cocktails"! Um...okay honey. What about them? He continued to tell me that he and his co-workers had a meeting at some Hotel Restaurant and they were served Poinsettia Cocktails - needless to say, he loved the drink. Well, being that he is the barman when we host parties, he has decided to serve this drink on Thursday. I can't wait!...more