The truth about being "Healthy"

Healthy. Now that’s a controversial word isn’t it?I hesitated to even write it. There’s such a stigma around it, especially for those of us that do not match the typical magazine definition of health.Our heart here at Curvy Moi is to help you love yourself just as you are. We are not here pushing the latest and greatest diet tips and tricks. But in loving yourself, it is important to become the best you possible. And that requires a healthy mind, body and soul....more

Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

Did you know that the number of Americans predicted to get Alzheimer's is reported to TRIPLE in the next 40 years? Wow. Here are a few ways experts suggest to keep your mind sharp as you age:...more

The Miseducated Mindset

The Miseducated MindsetImagine arriving to class and finding that this is the lesson of the day. How long would it take you to realize this is not the class for you?...more

Finding Guidance

Regardless of their personal belief systems (spiritual focus, formalized religion, or a combination thereof), people tend to like the comfort of feeling connected to those beings that support us from the other side, whether we believe "the other side" to be an alternate universe, a heavenly realm, etc....more

12 Ways to Keep your Brain Fit

The chairman of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Department of Neurosurgery says you can find ways to fit little changes into your life, which will help keep your brain sharp. They include: 1. Avoid sugar spikes from simple carbohydrates. They'll give you a mental crash after they create a quick peak. Instead, look for whole grains, fruits and veggies combined with a protein to keep a sustained fueling for your brain.2. Keep your brain active: puzzles, learning languages, reading, etc. seem to help with memory and delay the onset of dementia....more

learning new things is a great way to keep your brain fit and active. playing puzzles is also my ...more

The Intricacies of the Mind

When I'm making dinner, my husband will play some game or another with the babies.  Yesterday, it was this: ...more

Ego x Being

The ego and the  being drew up a battle of fullness and pain. The ego played the past neurosis and uncertainties of the future role. The being responds saying that the awareness of now, is the way to happiness....more

Get What You Deserve

You don't really want what you "deserve", do you? Are you sure?   Allie